Youth Advance-Marvelous Light-Part 1/5 March 12, 2009

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Click here to listen to the message, Marvelous Light!

This is a new song we learned at Youth Advance
This is hopefully one of five posts about Youth Advance, the youth retreat I was at this past weekend. There were five sermons and I just wanna say the highlights of each, and hopefully talk a good amount about the second message, which seemed to impact me the most. These will be choppy and mighttt not make sense-its mostly just the main points and my scribbled notes.
The theme of the weekend was “Marvelous Light.”
Anyway, message one.
Session 1 was entitled “Marvelous Light” and was spoken by Pastor Matt on Friday Night. The text used was 2nd Corinthians 4:3-6.
Main question: Why is it that some people trust in and treasure Jesus and others don’t?
Answer 1: People DON’T trust in and treasure Jesus because they’re spiritually blind.
Pastor Matt talked a good amount about Satan. He was saying how Satan will brainwash us. Satan doesn’t care what we believe, as long as we don’t believe in Jesus. Actually, I take that back. Satan doesn’t care if we believe Jesus (he himself believes!), but Satan doesn’t want us to BOW OUR KNEE to Jesus. The god of this age is Satan. Satan likes when people don’t believe in him-He is an invisible enemy. Questions I asked myself were “is Jesus boring to me?” “Is Jesus just a picture to me of is he REAL?” “What is Satan blinding me from?” Satan will blind me from things so I wont see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. Pastor Matt said that there is near-sightedness-where you only see yourself and your desires.
Then there is far-sightedness-where you see the world and its pleasures.
Am I near or far sighted? I’d say I’m near sighted. The world doesn’t entice me nearly as much my own selfish desires.
Pastor Matt talked about the two ways you can be held hostage. The first way is by being held against your will- you don’t wanna go or comply to the captor. The second way is by playing mind games with you, much like a cult leader. You buy into and believe all that you’re being told to do by the captor. Satan likes to use this second way-so we don’t even know that we’re being held hostage or controlled by him. Satan actually likes if we don’t believe or acknowledge him-that gives him the upper hand.
Answer 2: People DO trust in and treasure Jesus because they’re given spiritual sight.
VS. 4- Blinded-don’t see Jesus for who He is
Vs. 6- God says let there be light-and light!-see Jesus for who He is.
We’re all slaves-but who is our master?
Proclaim= to herald gooooood news.
Marvelous Light-it is marvelous because of what it reveals/shows you.
You see spiritually by your ears.
There are active and passive unbelievers.
The same God that turns our physical lights on, turns our spiritual lights on also.
That’s it 🙂
Thanks again, Pastor Matt, for speaking! This was a great message.


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