33 Miles- Jesus Calling March 18, 2009

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This song came on last night as I was falling alseep. It just spoke to me so much! I love it! Here’s the video & lyrics:

Verse 1:
What do you see when you look at your world today?,
Is it so full of clutter that you feel like your going insane
[( Sometimes it’s like when I look at my life and my world, all I can see is the school, the relationships, the friendships, the family, the job, the messes. It’s too cluttered. It does make me feel like I’m going insane sometimes.)]
But you can’t fight back ’cause you’re just too afraid
And it feels like the clouds in your sky don’t wanna change
You see theres always another story
Another side to every coin
But how you see your circumstance is all about a choice
[( Ah, what a sweet truth. I feel that I can’t fight back, because I’m scared I will loose-and I probably will. And after weeks of the same trial, I feel done. I feel like giving up, giving in. I feel like it’s never going to change-like the clouds will never leave! But here’s the thing, there is another side of this coin. look at this picture:
That is the sky above a thunderstorm from a plane. *Credit to Klara Stumph* THat’s beautiful. There IS another side. I may be under the clouds, so it seems dark. But if I can change my view, I can see the beauty in all of that mess.)]

When you see the rushing wing, feel the pouring rain
Hear the thunder now as the clouds roll in
You’re blinded by the lighting
Do you also hear that still, small voice saying it’s okay?
[(So often the thunder is so loud, the wind is moving so fast and pushing me so hard, and the rain is pouring down buckets, and I neglect to stop, be still and hear that still, small voice. That voice, that voice is Jesus. He’s there, He’s talking. I was reading about having a conscious awareness of Jesus earlier today, and it reminds me of this song. Jesus, He’s always there. Me, I’m not always paying attention. He can be right in my face and I close my eyes, trying to deny that He’s there. My little sister used to close her eyes when she got in trouble because she thought that if she couldn’t see you, that you couldn’t see her. She was 2, and now we think that is just silly. But yet, I still do the same thing with Jesus. Guys, He’s calling! He’s saying it’s okay, and it will REMAIN okay, alright? )]
You’re not alone, you may be scared to death
But I won’t let you go
You may think the sky above is falling
But can you hear Jesus calling?
[( He wont let me go. I feel oh so alone, but He’s there. I know He’s there. And even when I don’t know He’s there, He is still there. He will not let me go. It’s like a parent and child crossing the street. The child may let go and try to run, even if a car is coming, and the parent is not going to let go of that childs hand, no matter how hard it pulls. And frankly, the child’s tug on that parents hand is not hard for the parent to hold-they’re strong. The child may drop to the ground and throw a fit, like I often do when God doesn’t seem to give me what I want, but the parent knows that was in the best interest for the child, even if the child doenst know that.)]

What do you see when you look at your world today?
Do you see a glimmer of hope or has it all turned to gray
[( For me, mostly gray. The whole hope thing seems to have gone down the drain, really. But that’s okay. Because there is a remedy…Read on in the lyrics)]
Well start by counting you blessings opne by one
And I’m sure right there you’ll start to see the sun
You see theres always another story
Another side to every coin
But how you see your circumstance is all about a choice
[( Not only is there a different side to seeing your circumstances, but you can choose how you see them. So how are you choosing to see your life? Why? There’s another story you don’t hear. Pay attention. Count your blessings. You wont be able to stop, I’m telling you. Try it.)]

Cause the darker the night, the brighter He can shine
[( I just love this quote all around)]


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  1. wonker Says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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