Update! March 18, 2009

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So, item one.

SAT’s went alright. I’m taking them again in May though, so that’s good. I feel fine about the writing and reading, but the math was too hard for me. I feel great about the essay, even though I made up a quote 😛
Senior Pictures went well also. I’ll add one of each of the three outfits I did at a later time. I am trying to get them printed this week, but I have to pick which ones I want to use first.
Sunday I got to go to lunch with my best friend and then this friend Peter, who I haven’t seen in a while. Bethany, his sister, came too. It was good to catch up and talk with them! After luch we went back to Julie’s and all hung out for a while.
Sunday night I went to the college game night. That was fun as usual. By 9.30 I was exhausted so Jami and I peaced out and went home. I was exhausted that night. I went to bed at like 11!!!
Monday I met with my employer and picked up the crafts for this summer. I am to make the crafts and pick which ones I want to do this summer. I’ll most likely post pictures when they’re all done.
Tuesday was crazy. Until 2 PM I thought it was Wednesday. I was freaking out and mad at myself for having so much homework left (my classes are on Thursday). I wound up sending  in a couple assignments on Tuesday that were not due until today. Oh well. My mom made a big dinner because my parents have their Bible study here and we have all the singles over for dinner usually. This week a good amount of them game out, so we made more food. I helped make all that then had a nice dinner. My good friends sister just had a baby, so the three of them came and visited me that night. They stayed past 12.30…And then, of course, I had to watch biggest loser, so I was up until about 2.30 last night. I’m pretty tired. Oh, and Monday I left my purse somewhere then realized that it had both of my medicines in it, so we had to go get that yesterday too.
Today has just been school, crafts, school. I’m exhausted, but too bad. Chemistry has been killer this week so I spent about three hours doing that today so far. I’m just about done all my work for my classes, except working on my paper more, but I have more history, Latin, and Geometry I’d like to get done today.

So, that’s my life in a nutshell.

88 days till my first day of work. 
60 days till graduation!
44 days left of school!


One Response to “Update!”

  1. Steve Says:

    I was wondering why you seemed worried about getting that paper sent on time, I thought you had plenty of time. That stinks. At least you’ve got it out of the way now!

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