RIP Gigi :( March 26, 2009

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Gigi is my grandmothers cousin. She was like a great aunt or grandmother to me. To my mother, she was like an aunt. To my grandmother, Gigi was like a sister. They grew up together and did everything together.
But today, Gigi died. Her heart failed yesterday but they brought her back. They took her off life support this afternoon but she continued to live. She died a few hours ago.
This is quite sudden, although she has been in bad health for a while-we just didnt know she was going to die. I’m sad. I’m not sure she was a Christian, I can only hope. This has been hard on my family, mostly just stressful. I got a call at 7 AM from my mom, telling me Gigi is dying and she’s at the hospital with her. I had to get all the kids up, ready, and fed-as well as shower and everything myself-by 8AM. I was to take the kids to co-op, attend my classes, then figure out what to do with the kids while I was at English. I was gonna just stop and get the kids lunch and bring them with me to English, but I wound up getting them lunch and dropping them off at a friends house while I was at English class. Thanks Dubells for serving us in that way! I went to English (after shoveling down a lunch of my own), drove to get the kids, took them home, grabbed an hour nap, fed the kids dinner, then had to head off to youth group. I was going to just skip because I was exhausted and it was just too much. But Will stayed at the Dubells house and went to Youth Group with them, so I had to go to get him anyway. As soon as caregroup ended I rolled out of there. I got home at 10, talked for an hour with a friend, then wrote this. It’s been a long day. My grandmother didn’t want to go to the hospital because she wanted to remember Gigi the way she was, and my mom has been at the hospital for over 16 hours now. My dad has worked a 12 hour day. Things have been crazy! So please keep my family in your prayers over the next couple days as we sort out the details of Gigi’s viewing/funeral!
I just wanted to add that I also think this death has been a good thing in my life. I have four thoughts:
1) I think it shows God’s power. Birth and death are the two most powerful things in my eyes. No one can take or give life but God alone. I stand in awe of the fact God has that power. wow.
2) Life is so uncertain. I have no paper that says you have XXX amount of days left. It’s not like that. I could die tomorrow. Am I ready? Have I lived a life that will leave a good legacy? It’s sobering and makes me think.
3) I realize God’s sovereignty. If I had not gotten my license Tuesday, us kids would have missed all of our classes today and Will and I would have had to miss youth group. Thank God for allowing me to pass!
4) Gigi’s death made me stop thinking about myself and be selfless by taking the kids everywhere and thinking about how to get  them where they need to be when they need to be there. It made me be unselfish and I’m thankful for that.


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