“If you have a phone, you have a lawyer!” May 21, 2009

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Saiontz, Kirk and Miles has now become just Saiontz and Kirk! I’m not sure what happened to miles though. To me and some others, this feels like a personal loss. We remember all the times we had together and will be mourning the loss for years to come. Leave any personal memories you have from Miles in the comment box.
Thank you.


Thankfulness May 20, 2009

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I told you I would post about each of these things. I like to keep my promises. So here goes number one.
-Learning not to complain -Thankfulness -2 YA messages that I haven’t yet posted -1 Sunday message I wanna blog about -College plans -Life in general/update from this month’s resolutions/plans for the summer.

I realized that I am so ungrateful. We all are, really. But I believe that I will never know how grateful I am to live in America. I have a family. I have a home. I have clothing and bedding and an education.  How much more could I want? And God, the Creator, made all these things. I am so blessed. I want to start praising Him more. So each day I want to wake up and think “Thank you God for waking me up this morning.” I want to pray more, with more thanksgiving. God, my Father, loves me and blesses me so much each and every day. I want to stop taking that for granted. And I’m working on it. And it’s great. It brightens my mood to think of all the things I’m thankful for 🙂  Okay, that’s all. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there.


Ohio, here we come…well, soon May 19, 2009

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I’m going to Ohio the first week of June. Me and my three close friends are roadtripping…to Ohio. You might be asking, “what’s in Ohio?” Julie/Sherri’s aunt Aurora. We love her so much. She’s so godly and wise and encouraging and awesome and… Well, you get the point. So we’re driving over there early June and hanging there for a week. I can’t wait!!!!!


All Along-Remedy Drive

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Fav. song at the moment

It’s not everything it seems – the world and its dreams
Slipping like water through my hands tonight
All the things I thought would fill me up inside
Left me empty here – and now I know why

All along I was looking for something else
You’re something else
All along I was looking for something more
You’re so much more
I finally found what I could never see before
You’ve always been the one that I was looking for

All of my castles in the sand – washed away again
And I’m left back where I began tonight
The only thing that can ever fill me up
Has been right in front of me all the time

I won’t miss you – I won’t miss you this time
I say I want you – yeah I want you in my life



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Quote from the play thing I went to the other day. 
“Follow your star, but watch where you’re going.” I LOVE THAT.



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SSOOOO EXCITED. Sunday was one of the highlights of my life. Here are a few pictures.

After graduating I went party hopping with friends. That was so fun.

Sunday night I spent the night at my best friends.

Monday I went to a play/puppet show of aesops fables with the little ones. It was free. It was cute. It was early.
This was also the finale of 24. Not amazing, but still okay.

Tuesday, today, was eye doctor, coffee with friend, take kids to drivers ed and baseball, home. I’m exhausted. good night 🙂


Long Update! 2 weeks! May 14, 2009

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So, life update.

I’ll try to do the past two weeks, if you’re at all interested. Well, I finished school two Friday’s ago, as of tomorrow.

Sat-5/2-SAT’s. I feel pretty confident I got that 550 in the math. I find out what my score is on the 21st-as in Thursday! Then I headed over to church for the car wash/yard sale. First one ever I’ve missed! I was so sad. Then I went to my best friends house. Then I went out with Christina and we got coffee and caught up on each others lives. It was lovely.

Sun- 5/3-All of the middle/high/college aged girls were going to have a picnic together, but that got rained out 😦 I went to Barnes and Nobles and got to see my friend Rachel dance. Actually, I got there like 5 minutes late and missed both her dances. I saw a couple others though that were just beautiful and fun. And I got to talk to Rachel afterwards. It was good to be able to go out and support a friend like that 🙂 I think I spent the night at Julies, but can’t really remember.  I know I went over. I don’t think I wound up staying the night.
Mon- 5/4- I baysat for a family I had never babysat before. It was fun. I had their kids at camp last year, so it was good to see them again-and I’ll have them again this year. Then I went over to Julie’s house. I didn’t spend the night.

Tue- 5/5-I took my brother to a friend’s house so that he could watch a soccer game there on their TV. Then I went over to Julie’s because I was so close. I think I stopped by JP’s that day too, but I can’t remember.

Wed-5/6-I went to my sister’s work-where I’ll be working next year. I had fun there. Just hung out with kids for three hours. They’re ready to hire me 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will work 3-4 days a week from 3-6 pm and get paid $10/hr. Not bad 🙂 it’s a little far, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Then I rushed over to church to go to a graduation meeting. That was fun. Then I spent the night at Julie’s house.

Thurs-5/7- Woke up, went home to get my brother, showered, went to my classes. I held babies the whole time since I’m done school. That was fun. Uhm, then I took my brother to his physics class. Then I went to Julies, as per usual on Thursday afternoons. Then I had to get my brother and take him home. Thursday night I spent the night too I think.

Fri-5/8-I was at Julie’s all day. Mitch came over and we all hung out. Julie and I were in a really fun mood so we had a blast all day together. I was going to go home, but there was like a bank robbery near Julie’s and so my mom didn’t want me to go home because the guys got away and fled to near my house…so I stayed at Julies. Then I went and I…hmm, what did I do? I know I went somewhere that day, I just can’t remember where. Anyway, then I went BACK to Julie’s. My siblings came over to Julies and I stayed with them there until almost nine. Then we left.

Sat-5/9-Hmm…Last Saturday. Oh yes. I went to this “backyard BBQ Tour” with some friends. It was an all day out door concert thing at a mall near me. So I hung out there from like 12-3ish. Then I went to Julie’s. Then I was there till about…4:15. Then I went and babysat again till about 7:45. Then I headed over to JP’s house and I picked her up. We went out and got icecream. Yum. Then we went back to her house and talked/ate our icecream/cut out Sunday School crafts for 2 yr olds. That was fun. I love that girl.


Sun-5/10-I taught Sunday School. It was mothers day. Visited my grandmother (dad’s mom). Then we made a steak dinner for my mom.

Mon-5/11-Monday I went to my friends play. That was fun. Got to see old friend. Got pulled over for cutting off a cop-oops! I just got a warning though. This was the 3 year marker of the day Tim Barranco died also 😥

Tues-5/12-Tuesday I got trained to use an AED machine/Do CPR/and in First Aid! Fun fun!

Wed-5/13-Graduation rehearsel. Ran errands. Spent the night at Julies.

Thur-5/14-Today! Today I went to my classes, took Jonathan to physics, went to Julies, picked him up, went BACK to Julies, took him to drivers ed, took will to baseball, picked up jonathan.

Tomorrow is_5/15-Copying my dad’s tax returns, going to my college to take my financial aid forms in, picking up my dress (it’s being hemmed), going to the dr to pick up a form they filled out for me, cleaning my room, making a graduation gift/card, cleaning the bird poop off my car (i left my window open and they pooped on my car door-inside!! Yuck!), getting to church with the two little ones by 3 PM, making and feeding about 50-60 kids dinner, watching the kids play, spending the night at Julies.

Saturday, 5/16-I’ll be at Julies. Hanging out and preping for the banquet later that night with Julie and Becca. Getting my nails done for graduation, banquet-where I’m giving a speech!. Then we’re all going out to a diner for fun afterwards since we’re all dressed up. I’ll probably go home after that.

Sunday-5/17- Church, GRADUATION!!!!! Then Dinner with friends maybe then my friends grad. party.

So, busy wknd! I better get some sleep!!!