Just a thought… May 3, 2009

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Just a thought I had the other day while I was driving. I didn’t want to forget it so I pulled over and wrote it in my phone under a draft so I wouldn’t  forget. my thought was this:
Everything is for the best of God’s glory and for our best good, right?I just think that I take that for granted. God’s glory doesnt have to work for our best good. But He does that graciously because He loves me. I know its kinda a “duh” thought, but it’s just something that made me really think of that. I sometimes tend to think that everything is to the best of God’s glory and our good-but God chose to do that. He could just get glory and help us get by-or give us the easiest path in life-but then we might not grow into his likeness as much. I dont know, it just really   made me think about things and made me love my God so much. Just thought I’d share that thought in writing.


One Response to “Just a thought…”

  1. portablesounds Says:

    Nice thought… thanks for sharing.

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