Resolutions update-4! May 4, 2009

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Update: 4 months!!

1)During the year 2009 I want to be openOpen to help, open to peoples input, advice, and correction. I have noticed what a closed off person I am. Scared of being manipulated, I push away most people in my life and I hardly listen to what people say. I’m going to be open to consider what people have to say to me. I feel that I can do that, or at least to attempt.
–> This is really hard. Steps are being made. Saturday two big steps were made. Can I just say I love my friends?. I must say it’s hard when I start doing this then someone just like walks out of your life. that was less than awesome, i must say. 
2)My second resolution is that I am going to try harder. In the beginning of 2008 I was trying, but not giving it my all. As the year progressed, I got weaker and just burnt out. I was exhausted from fighting and just worn out. I gave up. I gave in. This year I will do my best to fight as hard as is possible. I’m not going to say that I will succeed or even once, but that I am going to do my best. I want to look back on this coming year and not regret not giving it my all like I will this year.
–> Now that school’s over, I’m hoping to put more effort into other things besides school. Things like these resolutions… I’m getting worn out though. I have to stay balanced. When I try too hard then I get tired and worn down-and THAT’S when I stop trying. 
3)Third resolution. My third resolution will be that I am going to memorize more scripture. This year I didmemorize a ton of scripture, but I would memorize it, remember it for a while, then slack off and forget. 2 verses (or set of verses) each month. That is reasonable and hopefully I will get more than that, but my memorizationskills suck so we’ll see. I feel that if I can memorize the entire periodic table in like a month, then I can memorizesome scripture. I’ll post what scriptures I will be memorizing (or for most, re-memorizing) this coming year at a later time.
–> YES! I have gotten all EIGHT! memorized compeletly. I’m actually so so so surprised I was able to do this, I’m sucky at memorization. But oh well. I start my next two today :)
4)Fourth resolution is that I am going to read books that will help me to grow spiritually. I have 4 of the picked out already, but I will post the names of all 6 later also. I wanted to do 12, but with everything that will be going on this year, that is not reasonable.
–> My second book is finally finished. I gotta check the list and start the next one. I will hopefully start reading more now that school’s over. 
5)This year I would also like to ATTEMPT to think reasonably. As often as is possible I am going to try to catch myself when I am setting unrealistic expectations for myself. By the end of the year I would like to say that I am a more reasonable thinker. Even if I only change a little bit in this area, that will be a huge step.
–> I’m such a realist, that I have to keep that in check. It’s hard, but people help me with this one 🙂
6)The other thing that I will attempt this year is that I am going to try to change the way that I think into a morepositive thinker. I often can recognize when I am thinking negatively and I would like to change that. Again, any progress in this area is a big change for me.
–> Still hard. I just naturally think that way so it’s hard to change that. 
7) I want to become a more caring and relatable person. There are a few types of people that I just have the hardest time relating to. When people are so different from me, I tend to just pull away from them because I don’t know what to do or say or what their interests are. I plan to try to talk with them more and try to identify more with them. I know that this will take intentionality and work, but I am prepared for that
–> God has been doing some cool things in this area, especially with people that I have lost touch with and I’m reconnecting with, people that I never knew I cared about, and people that I’m just meeting. So that’s been cool to see play out in my life the past month. God’s awesome like that and definitely teaching me more about how Jesus befriended people when He was here on earth.
8 ) This year I would like to learn how to take better pictures. I got a new camera earlier this year because my first Kodak Easyshare camera broke (r.i.p. I loved that camera-it was good to me). I have a nicer fugifilm camera now and I would like to get books from the library and read them, do some internet research and talk to people who are way better at taking pictures than I am.
–> I still haven’t made any steps in this area. Hopefully I will this month since I have FREE TIME. I have been taking more pics in general though-last month I took like none but this month I took a lot. 
9) Something I have learned is crucial in life is peace and quiet. In my house full of 8 people, 10 when we’re all here, it can be a little hectic (to say the least). I would like to try to take more time, at least 2 times a month, to sit in peace. I can read or write or draw or think or anything, but I want to make time to be alone and in peace and quiet. This will be hard to make that time, but I love quiet so it will be good. Plus, once I have my license I can drive to a quiet place or just sit in the car somewhere that isn’t home. It will be awesome and good for my life.
–> I did do this twice but one time I just went to a quiet place and did school…so I don’t know if that counts, haha.  Again, last month was crazy with school, but i dont have that problem this month. 
10) I WILL get a pet! I would like to get a bunny, but I will settle for a fish or turtle or something else if I must. I have many legit reasons why an animal would be good for my life. I can’t wait
–> STILL working on my parents with this one. . .I DON’T want to settle for a fish! So I set up a plan with my older brother and his girlfriend that he would get me a bunny for graduation so that my parents CAN’T make me return it, haha. But then he broke up with that girl and I don’t think he’s gonna do it anymore. I’m so sad! I WILL get that bunny!!!  
11)This year I want to have better posture. When I danced I really did have awesome posture and over the past two years it’s gotten bad. I want to sit up straight and hold my shoulders back. It will make me look taller and I just love seeing people sitting with good posture. I’m sure it’s good for my back and stuff too.
–> One of the hardest resolutions. Talk about breaking habits-this is so difficult! I went horseback riding the other day. That was fun-and I sat up straight the whole time! 
12)I want to be more of an encouragement. A reachable goal for me this year is to encourage at least one person a week. In writing, words, e-mail, or other means of communication, I would like to be more of an encouragement in the world. Hopefully I will encourage more than one person a week, but that is what I would like to do. I also know that when I encourage others it helps me because I have to usually see and point out the GOOD things in people and it helps me to be positive and not think so negatively while also helping me think of others and look for the good things in others and where God is working most in their life.
–> I have tried to intentionally encourage one person a week (card, phone call, e-mail, etc.) and its been going well for the most part.

I am excited for what this year will bring.
1)In 2009I will take my first winterm-CHECK! Can’t believe that was only 2 months ago!!
2)In 2009 I will get my license-CHECK!
3)In 2009 I will graduate high-school-May 17th!-SO CLOSE!!!
4)In 2009 I will take my SAT’s-CHECK!CHECK!-I took it again this month because I need a 550 in the math. I may take it in June
5)In 2009 I will start and finish my first semester of college classes-Not till August 31st. 
6)In 2009 I will get my first real job-CHECK. 42 days until training week starts!!!


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