Life is like…driving home from work? October 15, 2009

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When I was driving home from work, I had a lot on my mind. Last night was…awful, to under-exagerate. When I’m driving I always have my iPod on, unless I need to hear the traffic to decide how to drive home. Anyway, so I heard the traffic, decided to go the back roads home because the highways had major traffic. So I put my GPS on and told it go take me home. I then turned on my iPod and started rocking out. No, not really. I just put my “recently added” playlist and soaked in the truth that the lyrics provided me with. And, of course, the one day I take back roads home, I hit EVERY light. Literally I probably went through 50 or 60 lights and only 2 were green. I’m not exagerating- TWO! I was getting very frustrated. But then I was thinking about how this drive home was kinda of like life. I chose my path on my own, with some wisdom given to me by the traffic people on the radio. This is kinda like how the Bible, and the Gospel in the Bible, led me to Christ. Then, I typed it into my GPS and asked it how to get home, avoiding certain things (traffic, highways). This reminded me of how I turn to the Bible for guidance of how to live my life, avoiding sin and the things of this world. But I still have to drive, I still have to get home. It’s not the driving I’m avoiding (or rather, being IN the world), but rather just certain roads (or, I want to be IN the word but not OF the world). Then, as I said, I hit every light. I was stopped, staring at a red light. I was frustrated because my GPS had told me an arrival time. Sometimes we have misconceptions of how the world should be.  I think that it should be easy all the time and fun and comfortable and all about me. But, there are other drivers and there are rules I must follow, just like in life there are others I must be considerate of and who will make mistakes when “driving” and I have to choose to respond in one way or another. I was getting frustrated because I didn’t want to have to sit anymore at red lights. It was then that I was reminded that God is in control, and He choses which “lights” are red in my life, what “detours” I have to take, what “lights” I can drive right through, and which ones I have to proceed through, but with caution and wisdom. Also on my drive home it was raining. My car isn’t very good, so my wheels were turning ways I didn’t want and I was close to loosing control of my steering, and my brakes were very touch-and-go. I was scared. This made me think about my faith. I was thinking about what my life would be life if my faith were like my car, and I believe it is. I don’t have ABS breaks, and my car was loosing traction. When “life” “rains” it seems I am the same as my car. I’m tempted to loose control, I almost crash, I get scared, and I don’t know how to stop. If my faith were like a nice, safe, car, then maybe I wouldn’t be so scared when the “storms” of life came. Anyway, that’s how I think life resembles my drive home 🙂


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