“Today isn’t goodbye, it’s a ‘see you later'” November 8, 2009

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Last Sunday was one of the most purely sad days of my entire life. One of my best friends in the whole entire world left the states for China 😦 I’m so happy for Christina, she’s doing what she’s always dreamed of doing. After many complications, she has arrived safely. Because things kept not working out and her departure dates kept getting pushed back, I was in denial that she was actually leaving. So when Christina and I actually had to say goodbye, I was a mess. She came to church so that’s where I said bye to her. Before we even gathered around her to pray for her trip, I was sobbing. I was so raw-ly (no, its not a word) sad that day, I couldn’t contain it. I cried the entire day. It was not all sad though. I know she will be back. I got to spend the whole day with her almost on Saturday, so that was great to help her get ready for her trip and have so many laughs. A couple weeks ago we were setting up her Ipod, so we spent about 8 hours sitting on the couch laughing and talking while figuring out that stupid thing. And Sunday we sat together for a few minutes when we had to say goodbye and she reminded me that things are going to be different, but we’ll still talk. She reminded me that she’s proud of me. She told me to draw near to God in this time and to be brave. So, with everything in me, I’m trying! It’s still terribly sad and I miss her so much. But I’m being taught so much through her leaving.

  • God is everything. I mean, everything. Lately I’ve been stripped of a lot of things on Earth. It hurts so much, but it’s really such a blessing. God has been all I had. When God is all I have, I realize that He is all I need.
  • God was preparing me for Christina’s departure long before I knew. I don’t want to go into the details of how God has prepared me for this time, but it’s incredible when I realize how soverign God is.
  • People care. So many people have been so kind to pray for and with me, keep in touch to see how I’m doing, encourage me, and just be there for me.
  • Along with that, some people don’t care. When you’re openly suffering for all to see, when people can see your pain and have the opportunity to care for you, that’s when you see who cares. I learned who is and who is not through this experience. It’s been hard, but good all the time.
  • Crying give you headaches for today. I cried ALL day Sunday, and most of Monday. I had a headache for about 4 days after that. And my eyes BURNED if I shut them! So, I wont cry that much for a LONG while (and hopefully I wont have reason unless it’s happy tears!).
  • Along with crying giving you headaches, crying is so refreshing. It brought up a lot of other emotions and things that I had been failing to deal with, so it was good to shed tears over the things I had been putting aside or putting on the back burner. I think I’m cried-out for a good while, though.

So, that’s that. Christina sent an e-mail to her family. Her computer hasn’t been working so far, so she had to use someone else’s. Hers has been fixed though, so she should be getting it soon I would think. I sent her an e-mail, as FB, Twitter, and blogs are all blocked for her at the time. She replied yesterday. I was elated. She said she’s doing well and can’t wait to have her computer so that she can talk more often. She told me two things that people can be praying for. She started teaching English to the Chinese today! So she def. needs prayer for that. And a boy’s adoption is having trouble going through, so that is a big prayer request. So, if you want to be praying for Christina, that’s how you can pray!

I miss her, but know that it will get better. There will be hard times to come, but I know that God is preparing me for them too 🙂 So, Sunday was not a goodbye, but a “see you later” day. But still a sad day nonetheless.


So, that’s my update about Christina!


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