Weekly update! November 8, 2009

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So, I’ll give you the (looooong) update that I sent Christina this week. I plan on sending her e-mail updates weekly, so hopefully I can pretty much just C+P them on here so that I can keep my blog updated!

I was so excited to hear from Chris. I thought it would be a long time before she would be able to get back to me. It was such a blessing to get the e-mail.
I’m doing better! I was missing Chris so much the first two days. I pretty much stayed in my room and cried. But it was good. Other things came to a head during that time too, so I was able to kind of let them come to a surface and deal with them as my emotions were going crazy. I am just now getting over the post-crying headache-that’s been KILLER.
Funny you ask about next summer (in Chris’ e-mail she asked if I was considering coming to China with her dad on the trip he’s leading next summer)-I’m avoiding that question. You’re the 5th person this week to ask me what I’m doing next summer. I have no idea. I so want to go to China. My mom really thinks that if I have the chance to go that that is something I should do. But I know I can’t go to China and do Beachmont. But I loved beachmont so much. And it’s hard because both are ministries, so it will just come down to what God wants for me next summer. And if I don’t do Beachmont, I will def. need a summer job.So, I have no idea. I have far too many things to figure out before thinking about next summer.
Classes…are okay. It’s just a lot of work. I’m the “goody-two-shoes” who does all of the readings and assigned work that probably isn’t completely necessary. Call me a freshman, I like to just say I’m hardworking 😉 Spanish is still kicking my butt. I have to do a speech in spanish in a couple weeks which I am nervous about. I got the highest grade in my class on our bio test! it was only an 84, but I was happy. She told me she will curve my grade at the end because she knows the tests are so hard and thinks I’m a “great student who is just bad at taking tests.” She said as long as I dont do horribly on the final, she will make sure I have an A. So that’s super exciting. All other classes are going well. Theatre has been cool because it’s mostly discussion in class and my teacher (and most classmates) are very liberal and my teacher likes to make fun of the Bible and be sarcastic about Christianity. My Savior has been faithful to give me boldness and words to say when she makes statements that are extremely offensive to me. She really likes me, so she really does respect when I stand up for what I believe, but it’s still frustrating when she says the rude things that she says. So instead, I pray for her.
I am all signed up to take speech 101 in the winter. It’s 12 3.5 hour classes and I’m getting three credits. Nothing gets better than that (except getting an e-mail from Chris on a Saturday night!). I’m also trying to take psych in the winter, but the class is currently full. So we’ll see if I can get into that class.
So, I was in a car accident Friday (yesterday). A school bus hit me 😦 I was following it for a couple streets and noticed that it was driving a little funny. Also, BCPS were closed on Friday, so I wondered what that bus was doing/where it was going. Anyway, when we pulled up to a light the bus driver pulled her bus into the left/straight lane. I wanted to go right, so pulled into the right turn lane. It was legal for me to make a turn on red, but I couldn’t see past the bus, so just waited. Next thing I know, the bus starts turning right, completely smooching me 😦 I just screamed, I was so scared. The bus stopped, then started moving again until I laid on my horn. So I called my mom, as calm as can be, and told her I was in an accident with a school bus and she needed to come get me. I was only about 5 minutes from home, if that, so my dad came quickly. I kept composed the entire time! I had to wait in my car for what seemed like forever because since the bus turned right and took my car with it, I was totally pushed up against the side of the bus, unable to open my driver’s side door. I called the cops and they came to help us out. They couldn’t figure out how to get my car out of the way because it was partially intertwined into the bus (the bus door, for instance, was under my bumper so i was essentially attached to the bus and my mirror was all caught in the gas opener thing on the bus). So finally they got my car outta the mess and i was able to climb out. It was freezing cold and I only had a hoodie on because I was going to school and my school is so hot. I froze! We did all the pictures and insurance stuff and all and then I finally got to go home. My car is in kinda bad shape. Tire has a leak, front bumper is pretty bad, door doesn’t open more than a foot, front lights are busted, my mirror on the drivers side is screwed, etc, etc. It’s confusing though because Baltimore County Public Buses are independently insured, so it’s been hard doing the insurance gig because it is much different than normal. Plus, being a minor, everything is much more difficult. So that’s that. Right now they gave us a rental, which I can’t drive being a stupid minor, and I take my car Monday to get an estimate and hopefully a fat check ;D My plan: get as LITTLE fixed as possible then keep the extra money for schooling and what not. Winter classes are not covered by fin. aid, so it’s coming outta my pocket 😦 So, that’s my fun story of the week.
I have been slightly…off…lately. I am not sick, so that’s good, but something isn’t right. There are all these strange littler things happening and it’s getting weird. My mom set up a dr.’s appt for me for next Friday to try to see what’s wrong. My mom thinks it’s a thyroid problem based on my symptoms, but I’m hoping not. I think I have a vitamin deficiency, most likely Potassium, but I’m not too concerned. The main things I want to get taken care of are my hair falling out a lot again (boo!), weird headaches, and feeling beyond exhausted all the time. I get 9 hours of sleep, maybe 8 once a week or so, but I still fall asleep reading, writing, anything. I’m so exhausted and not rightfully so. I get enough hours of sleep! I know I’m stressed sometimes and kinda busy, but even this week I didn’t babysit at all and only worked my normal amount, and I’ve been more tired than ever. So hoooopefully next Friday’s blood test will be able to tell me what I need adjusted. So feel free to pray about that too 🙂

That was my e-mail I sent Chris, except a little edited. So anyway, there’s your update of the week!
This week is a busy one coming up-classes, babysitting, and a group project meeting tomorrow, classes, work, and small group tues, classes and work wednesday and thursday, and friday i have 1 class, dr.’s appt., and then homework date with JP. 🙂


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