Thankfulness November 20, 2009

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Just simple things I am thankful for…one for each day in November thus far.

1. Food. I’m thankful for food. God made the Earth with food. I love it, most of the time. When I’m hungry, there is always food. So many people make thanksgiving about food, and so with that on my mind, I’m thankful for food and the abundant supply that we, as Americans, have.

2. My bed. No, not just that I have A bed, but that I have MY bed. I have one of the best beds in the world. I would stay in it all day if I could. I have tons of pillows, tons of blankets, just the right amount of things. I just love that I have my bed. I am truly thankful for it.

3. Schooling. It’s not always easy to be thankful for education, but when I think about it, I am blessed to be in college. Many people do not have the option of going to college. However, via financial aid, I am having my college paid for. It’s so great to know that I can achieve my dreams and go to college to get to my dreams. Without going to college I could never succeed in the field of work that I want to go into. I am thankful for an education.

4. Music. I love music so much. It can be so many different things to me. It can be soothing and relaxing, stress relieving, an outlet of my emotions, a way to remind me of truths, and so much more. I just love music and I’m thankful God created music.

5. Freedom of speech. With Christina in China, I have to be careful about words I use in my e-mails and chats to her. She does not have freedom of speech and religion. It makes me sick to think that I have so much freedom, yet act like I am in bondage. The only thing I am in bondage to is my own pride. I have the freedom to scream Jesus’ name from mountain tops, yet I avoid the topic while conversing with friends from school.

6. A car. I don’t have a car right now and I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have a car. It’s great to know that I was blessed with a car. Not everyone my age has a car. And I don’t have car payments, that’s great. I love not having to pay monthly car bills. Someone donated my car to me, and she’s a beauty (in my eyes anyway…).I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have a car until I didn’t have one. Typical. This picture is NOT my car. It’s far too young and in far too good of shape to be mine 😛

7. Internet. Think about how useful the internet is. I just love that I have it. I’m so thankful for it. Plus, without it, I wouldnt be able to talk to Chris while she’s in China. Along with this goes Skype, by the way.

8. New friends. Enough said. New friends at school, at work, etc. I love my new friends so much.

9. Writing-especially letters. I love writing so much and I’m thankful for it. I’m thankful I have two hands and ten fingers and pen and paper and stamps and envelopes.

10. Sleep. I really need it sometimes. I just love it.

11. The Bible. I know that sounds very…typical, but I am. I am so thankful for the Bible. I’m thankful for every word in it, thankful that it’s living, thankful for the encouragement it brings.

12. Jobs. So many people are out of work right now. Not only do I have a job, but I also babysit on a regular basis which really really adds up. I also was even able to add a day so that I work more. I’m thankful for a job.

13. Weekends and Sunday. I am thankful that God has told us to rest one day out of 7. I really need to remember sometimes that He TOLD me to rest.

14. Good books. I LOVE a good read!

15. Mended relationships.

16. Games. I love mancala and Yahtzee. I really am thankful for them. You wouldn’t understand why.

17. A creative mind. I wouldn’t normally say I have a creative mind, but with a couple things I do. I can think out of the box and I have a little creativity when it comes to card-making. I’m thankful that God gave me a creative mind.

18. I am thankful for memories. I am so thankful that God gave me a mind that remembers things. It’s an amazing thing to remember memories, to smile and think of something good that has happened.

19. I am thankful for hot water. I know that sounds kind of silly, but i’m dead serious. I am so thankful for hot water.

20. I am thankful for beauty. It reminds me to thank God. I am thankful for beauty in nature and people and things.

21. I am thankful for my own room. For 16 years (or so…) I shared a room. Sometimes it was with my older brother, sometimes with my twin, sometimes with my little sister, sometimes with my big sister, sometimes with my big and little sister. I can’t complain, we did laugh a lot-but we fought a lot too. Having my own room for a year (or so…) now is just amazing. I so take it for granted. But I’m thankful that I can be in my own room, that my dad works hard to pay for this house, and that my sister moved out so I could have my own room (is that bad to be thankful for….?). This is NOT a picture of my room, by the way.

22. Understanding. I am thankful for God giving people understanding. The dictionary would define the word “understanding” as “mental process of a person who comprehends.” This can be used and thought of in many different ways. Likewise, I am thankful for understanding in many different ways. I am thankful that I understand school work. I don’t have any real big learning issues that keep me from understanding educational things that I am supposed to learn at school. I am thankful that God has put a desire in my heart to understand what others are feeling, what’s going on. God often opens doors for people to, well, share their lives with me. People tend to be surprisingly open with me. Some say it’s because I want to be a social worker (…and counselor in that field). I say it is because God does some cool things. Anyway, I am thankful that God helps me understand things. I am thankful for others who understand. I mean this in a couple different ways also. I am thankful for people that understand in their brains what is going on in my life. I can share my life with them and they are able to understand, even if they haven’t lived through a situation even close to similar. They give me wisdom that I’m so thankful for. Then there are those in my life who understand in a different way. Maybe “get me” is a better term. They have lived through things, so through experience, they understand. I am thankful for these people and for their God-given ability to understand, however it may be that they understand. Can I just say it is getting harder and harder to find pictures to go with these things I’m thankful for!?

23. Dreams. I was excited when I thought about this one. I couldn’t decide which thing I should post I was thankful for then I thought about dreams and knew I couldn’t go without posting that today. I don’t mean dreams like, “I had a dream while sleeping.” I mean. . .like goals, you know? Maybe “passions” would be a better word. God has put so many passions in my life. I’m passionate about helping people, wanting to travel, meeting my educational goals, etc. I am thankful that God gave me dreams that I can’t wait to come true!

23. Beachmont. I’ve been going to Beachmont ever since I was a little girl, and I love it there. I loved going to camp there, I loved volunteering there, I loved going to gym there, I loved having co-op there, I loved working there, I love going there on Tuesdays. I just love the place, and especially Mr. Paul and Mrs. Maureen. Mrs. Maureen personally cares for me and seeks me out, asking probing questions that I know I can answer truthfully because I will get wisdom and love in response. Anyway, I’m very thankful for that.

24. Church

25. Medicine

26. Salvation.


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