I am most. . . November 29, 2009

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So, I did sorta steal this from JP, but I edited it a bit. Enjoy. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged. Go put theses questions on your blog with your answers filled in.

  1. I am closest to God when. . .I am in a quiet place with my Bible, a pen, and my journal. I love that. OR, when I’m just super upset and chose to turn to Him. That intimacy is so nice
  2. I am most at peace when. . .I don’t have a to-do list.
  3. I am happiest when. . .I feel loved.
  4. I am full of joy. . .as I write.
  5. I am most saddened when. . .There is pain in other’s eyes and 1) they won’t tell me what it is or 2) I can’t help them. I’m also saddened when promises are broken
  6. I am silliest when. . .I am with my closest friends in a comfy environment
  7. I am most content when. . .I am filled with God.
  8. I am most playful when. . .I feel like a little child again.
  9. I am most aggitated when. . .Someone does not do what they told me they would do. Or, when I am blamed for something I did not do.
  10. I am most angry when. . .people are hypocrites. I Know, I am the biggest of them all.
  11. I am most fearful when. . .turning in a big assignment or taking a big test.
  12. I am most nervous when. . .I am running late.
  13. I am the most fun when. . .I have gotten lots of sleep
  14. I am most grumpy when. . .I haven’t eaten.
  15. I am most beautiful when. . . I take time to get ready.

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