To-do list. Mindless ramblings. December 1, 2009

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This is my end of the semester to-do list for school. This semester hasn’t been hard exactly as far as academics, but it has just been a lot of busy work-work that seems to take forever. I have a lot due before the end of the semester. Lots of projects and tests and what not. I need to visualize it so I feel better.This is for my own sake, I’m sure you are not at all interested in my to-do list of school things.

* Exam Wednesday- Check!
* auto-biography paper to finish-Check!
* two papers to finish for the final- 1 and a 1/2 done, just one 1/2 to go!
* Paper needs to get signed by the school I volunteered at- Check!
* Final exam paper, service learning project, and auto-biography paper due Dec. 15th

* A ton of these dumb worksheets-down from 14 to four!-Check!
* A project to turn in- check!
* A letter to write, in Spanish-due the 8th-Check!
* Spanish discussion, due Sunday-Check!
* Final exam Dec 14th


* Test-Thursday, the 10th
* Homework for chapter 8-Check!
* Final exam-date not yet announced

* Final test/evaluation thing on Wednesday- Check!

* Journal due Thursday- Check!
* Fitness evaluation paper thing due Thursday- Check
* Quiz Thursday-Check
* Final exam on the 15th
* Diet Review-Check!

* Chapter 7 to read and finish- Check!
* Quiz Wednesday-Check!
* Presentation Monday-Check!
* Final exam-Monday, the 14th

I’m getting there! After Thursday, a lot of things will be turned in, so that’s a good feeling.


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