Weekly update. December 6, 2009

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In order to *try* to make this shorter, I’m just gonna do numbered points so it’s not so…long…hopefully.

1. Didn’t sleep more than an hour or two on Saturday night because I was on steroids, still. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been on them, but you can’t sleep. Most people say they get energy and want to clean or something. I don’t. I mean, my brain is wide awake, but I just like laid it bed tossing and turning all night. It doesn’t help that my left eye doesn’t shut. So, I’m actually writing this at 6am because I can’t sleep.

2. The steroids are helping! I have a small amount of muscles movement back. I have had symptoms since Wednesday, so it’s amazing that I’m already getting a little movement back. Since I caught it early and it had a rapid progression, they think it will be less than two weeks before I am ALL better!

3. Tuesday we call to get the test results back from lymes and herpes. Apparently you can get herpes via touching skin. She thinks that is what my tongue is. If that is the case, then I basically will always have this and it will just always be in my mouth (the herpes, that is). Whenever I get stressed, then, I’ll get an ulcer. So, I’ll find out about that Tuesday. If I do have it though, they can give me meds so I get the ulcers less often and such. And the lymes test we just did mostly for precaution, juuuuust to make sure. I was at Beachmont all summer and we do have those woods next to us. So, there is little to no chance that I have that, but we’ll see.

4. I have a new symptom that I have gotten in the last 24 hours. The Dr. apparently told my mom that this was a symptom of Bells Palsy, so if I got it not to be concerned. Basically, I have no sense of taste on almost the entire left side of my tongue. It is the weirdest thing ever! I can feel it, it’s not numb, but I cannot taste anything at all! My ulcer is shrinking in size, FINALLY. It’s been nine days now and I’ve been on the meds for it and the lump for 7 days now. The lump is sooo tiny now. I can hardly feel it. So, I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for this part of the virus. Now I’m just waiting in a state of “what’s next?” because I know it’s just a matter of time…

5. It was weird going to grace Sunday. I was teaching or I wouldn’t have gone-I only got 2 hours of sleep because of these steroids 😦 Afterwards though, it seemed everyone knew about me! Everyone was asking how I felt and stuff. It was weird. I don’t like that kind of attention-at all. Not that I don’t appreciate care and concern, it was just weird. It was kind of funny because it looked like I was winking at everyone because my left eye doesn’t blink when my right eye does. It’s also hard to put on mascara (which I haven’t done in a while). Usually you blink when you put it on, you know? Well my left eye doesn’t. It felt funny.

6. Sunday was uneventful for the most part. I didn’t fall asleep until after 1, but I woke up at 3:30am. I’ve been exhausted all day. JP was going to the Bickel’s for the football game with everyone and wanted me to go. The game wasn’t until 8 so normally there is no way I would go because I go to bed no later than 10, so I wouldn’t stay past like 9. I figured that since I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping early because of the meds, maybe I should go to the Bickel’s. JP and I hadn’t hung out all weekend, which is weird for us, but since I was in the ER and sick, we couldn’t really. I went to the Bickel’s since she was there, I figured we would hang out. We left around 10. After taking her home I had a nice drive home to myself.So, that was Sunday.

10. I woke up in the middle of the night…again…on Monday morning. I was kinda glad, since I got to talk to you! I missed you so much because I don’t think we got to talk at all this past week. Anyway, that just started off my day a little rough-being up all night that is, not taking to you 😉 I woke up and got ready for school and all, but then couldn’t find my key-again. I still have the van,  and we only have one key to it. I don’t know why, but that’s how it is. Last night, Sunday, I also lost the key too. It would up being outside on the ground near the van-I must have dropped it. I was freaking out looking EVERYWHERE for the key this morning. I had specifically put it in my coat pocket so I wouldn’t loose it, but it wasn’t there. I looked and looked, but couldn’t find it and knew I would be late if I didn’t leave. I made my dad get up and take me to school and get my when it was over. That was NOT fun. After school I came home, feeling so sick. The steroids are not treating me well! So it was just not a good day all in all. I FINALLY found the key around 6. I had been looking everywhere. It was so bad. I finally found it smushed between my footboard and my mattress. I was glad to find it, but still tired from all the stress that it caused. School was fine, I guess. I’m so bored of it. School can be stressful and stuff, but honestly I’m bored. I’m studying like all things that I’m not interested in and I’m just bored because it’s not-hard. It’s a lot of busy work, which I hattttte. I’m glad to get a change of pace because I so need one! with that, I got my spanish project finished, finally. THat was fun. NOT. And it was supposed to be due tomorrow (Tuesday), but, of course, JUST as I finished it she just changed the due date to Thursday. gr. Anyway, today was nothing too exciting.

11.Tuesday, oh Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. Today was just plain bad. Well, mostly. We had to do a 12 minute run in fitness, which just about killed my knees (my eyes were tearing because I was in such pain). Bio was fun. My teacher didn’t show today, but most of us stayed for a while since we had classes afterwards. It was fun to get to know them better and stuff. THen I had Spanish. I’d been up again since 3 this morning, so I was literally falling asleep in that class. It’s so boring. Work was impeccably boring today. We had like at least half the amount of kids we normally do, so we were bored. I did get out early, so I was able to come home.
12. Life is lame. That’s all I have to say. School is lame.. Nothing exciting today. Oh, well I did get into political science. I didn’t have the math prereq. for the class, but the teacher is letting me in anyway. I got a lot done last night while I wasn’t sleeping. That helped calm me a bit. I got a paper signed that has needed to be signed for a while. Oh, and we got the blood results today-no lymes, but positive for herpes. Sounds funny to say I have herpes, but it’s a strand you can get from just touching people. Still, not something I would boast about 😉 I got a prescription that I have to take if I feel another ulcer/cold sore coming on. They’re triggered by stress. It’s basically stored in my mouth or glands and then when I do something to trigger it, they come back. I made sure I can’t give it to people though, because that would suck. She assured me that I can’t, though. It’s frustrating though. I mean, it’s not a big deal, really. It’s just the fact that it’s something else to add to my rapidly growing list of “things that are wrong with me.”

13. Long days make me tired. School was boring, as usual. I went home before work and got some things done. Work was fine. I got let out a half hour early because there was only one kid left and 3 of us. My boss knew I had to get to bel air by 7 for the kids co-op thing. It was nice getting out early. Got to see the kids play thing. Boring. All of your siblings were sick, so none of them did it. Lame. Jesse was too nervous, so he didn’t do his either. I had a fun time, I guess. Always a good time. . . Got a migraine on my way home. I had to put the sun visor down because the street lights hurt my head so badly. It was awful. I used a heating pad to make it bearable. It’s from not sleeping combined with being sick plus not eating very well in addition to being so stressed. I hope it will be gone in the morning.

14. I woke up this morning without a headache! I was very glad because I didn’t sleep much due to this awful migraine. I used a heating pad, took medicine, but nothing helped. I really need a good night’s sleep is what I need! I went to my one friday class (which I almost always skip since it’s only one class, its an 8am, and the teacher doesnt take attendance). I found out I got a 63 on the test. Oops. I deserved it though. I wasn’t gonna take the test because that test grade didn’t count towards my grade for me. Then I came home and took a quick nap before doing some spanish and heading out to school again. I had to get that paper back from the poly science teacher so I could sign up for the class. I got the paper then went to Records and registration to sign up. The lady at the desk told me I got the wrong person to sign that paper. I needed the DEAN of poly science and I just got the professor of the class I was going to be in since I couldn’t  figure out who the dean of political science was. I got his name, but she made a phone call for me so I wouldn’t have to run around campus to find him and all. The dean wasn’t in for her to talk to on the phone, but she talked to someone else who looked me up on their computer and told me I could sign up for the class since I have such good grades 🙂 They also said I could take it since I’ll be taking that darn math pre-requisite at the same time. I was very thankful that the lady went to the extra trouble of making that phone call for me. I am glad I’m taking the math in the spring though, because getting things signed so I can take classes when I shouldn’t be able to is getting old 🙂 Knowing I can beat the system is fun though 🙂 Then I went to bursur to get my bill paid. I asked the lady about that other $375 check I got last week. She looked it up and told me it was an academic competitive grant. Basically, my highschooling counted as a “rigorous program study,” so I got extra money for that! yay for taking advanced subjects in highschool 🙂 That was exciting. I got everything paid for and then did some major christmas shopping-I’m just about all done 🙂 My friend Chrissy called and asked if I wanted to hang out. Since I wasn’t busy, I told her I would. I went home first and cleaned my room, did laundry, got a little more homework done, and showered. Will had his birthday party today-btw, he had boys AND girls-weird! He’s 13 tomorrow. Strange!  I realized today that we’re more than 1/12 of the way done a year that you’ve been gone. I stilllll don’t think my mind understands that you’re in China, haha. Random thought: I went to Qudoba today and totally thought of you because the last time I went there was with you 🙂  Annnnnyway, so Chrissy came over and hung out for a while then we ran some errands together before heading over to our friends David and Rachael’s house. Our friend Christa was already there too. It was so much fun. We just hung around and half watched some dumb movie. They all got a kick out of my face, especially when I laugh. As much as my face is getting better, it’s still kinda bad. When I laugh or smile real big you can really tell. We laughed so hard because of funny things then they would see my face and start laughing even harder, causing me to laugh and the cycle continued for a while. Their mom was laughing too. Anyway, we eventually went out and all got coffee @ D&D. yum. Then I returned home around 12. It was a good night and a blessing to my soul. I needed that so much.

15. Saturday was a lazy day. I slept in then did some homework before Emily and Jess came over. We hung out and then JP and I picked up our race packets and she dropped me off home. Emily, Jess, and I went shopping for my dad’s mom’s Christmas gift. That was fun. We got a gingerbread house, too, and did that.

16. On a different note, Jess and I ran our race today! It was so cold at first, but got better. We stayed pretty much together until the last like 6 or so blocks. She beat me by about a minute. She clocked in around 38, and I clocked in just under 39. We’ll know our times for sure when they post them online. *checks* OH, they’re posted. Jess timed in at 38:02 and I got 39:12. Not too bad. I was 8th in my age bracket!! I hope to do the St. Patty’s race also. Anyway, the rest of my day thus far has just consisted of taking a nap and doing homework 🙂

p.s. I’m changing the way i’m gonna be doing them from now on, so I’m not sure if they’ll be going on my blog or not.


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