Jingle Bell run/walk 2009 December 7, 2009

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SOOOO, me and my friend Jess ran our 5K today!! It was the Baltimore Jingle Bell race for Arthritis! It was my frist ever race, but she has done many. I was so excited. Jess and I mostly stayed pretty close until the end. She came in 1:10 minutes before me. The first mile was really hard. I’ve been running a lot this semester, but only on the treadmill and track, never on gravel-especially city roads. I power walked a lot of the first mile. The second mile was a good amount of running, mixed with a little bit of walking. The third mile was almost all running. My time was 39:12. I’m not impressed. I just ran on Tuesday and did 1.1 miles in 12 minutes, so I know I can do better than 39 minutes! For my first race, however, I’m not too upset. I’m doing another one in March, if not sooner. I’m excited. I like this whole running races things. Plus, if I sign up for a race then it give me a reason to run regularly to make sure I stay somewhat trained, haha. I’m feeling kind of sore, but I know tomorrow would be worse. My knees and hips are in an insurmountable amount of pain. That was bound to happen though. Anyway, here is a picture of me with my race number and shirt! Btw, I came in 8th in my division (16-19 yr. olds!). I was kind of excited about that 🙂


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