Weeeeekly update. December 13, 2009

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I’m gonna start writing these differently, so be prepared. just kidding. it’ll be better, I hope.

So, today (Monday) I went to the dr. I was going just for a follow up from the lump/ulcer and from the bells palsy. She said I’m healing very well. She can still see my lump, but not it’s not big enough to be visible. Good news. She told me to take two dosages of the medicine I was given for herpes of the mouth and then I just have to take it when I have a flare up ulcer. That’s good news-I’m now off all my medications except for my daily vitamin -pretty good to go from 5 medications to 1! That was exciting. She said she expected my bells palsy to be a little bit more healed by now, but it’s okay. She said some muscles are just taking longer to recover than others. Plus, she said the muscles on the other side of my face got used to it possibly so now it has to REtrain itself to let the other muscles work, too. So, that was good to hear. But, she found something that was missed before. When I got my blood work done for the ulcer/lump by her a couple weeks ago before going to the ER and all that, she tested me for mono because I said I was so tired. I guess because we were all so caught up in the bells palsy and all, she forgot about it. Well, I don’t have mono. BUT, she looked at the results and found something unexpected-I HAD mono. It’s not currently active or whatever, but mono is one of those things that never leaves. SO, that is why I was so tired. She said she could tell, by the results that I had it recently because my numbers are still high. Honestly, it’s a relief. There is no more of this whole “you’re just a normal teenage who is tired” talk. I have answers! Yay! I feel a lot better now, knowing that. She said that I was probably so tired because of that and it can make my hair fall out and I probably did have a fever for about a day and just ignored it since I’m always going and going. She said that having mono plus having that infection was the cause of my tiredness, so I should be feeling better. It’s funny because before she told me about the mono I told her that since getting rid of this infection I’m definitely feeling a lot more energized-not so tired all the time! So, PTL for that!!! Oh, and my mom stupidly told my doctor that I ran the 5K Sunday-I got a nice long lecture about that. She went on and on about my knees, then about running out in the cold with a virus…oops! haha.

I was so excited. Today (Monday) I got 3 big assignments back from different classes. I got a 95 on one, 100 on 2, and a 90 on another. I was excited 😀 And, I got a quiz grade back for fitness and I got 16/17 questions right 🙂 So, that was a good plus to my day!

My dad’s mom, Gram as we call her, fell today (Monday). All we know right now is that she answered the phone and fell. When she was found shortly after she was in excruciating pain. The relatives are guessing a broken hip 😦 She’s almost 90, so we’ve been trying to make sure we spend lots of time with her, as we know her life will be coming to an end shortly, as sad as that is. My dad was working when it happened, so he hasn’t gone up to see her yet. I’ll update this point as I find more out throughout the week. *later that night-My gram did break her hip. She apparently fell while about to answer the phone. Her nephew that lives in her basement apt found her. SHe just asked for a pillow and told him to leave and not tell anyone. She’s SO stubborn. He knew she wouldn’t let her help, so he left her alone for a few minutes before returning and telling her she needed help. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow night. She’s so very upset because she “wasn’t careful.” That actually means that she is sad because she’s feels that she is a burden to us now during the holidays. But of course, we love her and don’t care.

Jesse said the cutest thing and I hope it will make you smile! We were watching a show called “find my family” about reuniting families where kids were adopted. They help the child and biological parents find each other. He looked up at my mom and said, “mom, please don’t ever adopt me.” It was so cute. he meant, “dont ever give me up for adoption.” i love Jesse, lol.

My 27 page paper is FINALLY finished. Funny, some college seniors are telling me they have never written a paper that long and I’m doing it just for a community college general ed. class! Crazy. I get to turn it in early and I’ll be ALL done with sociology for-forever!

I’m officially 2 classes down, just 4 to go! Actually, I’m done all of my classes as of today (Thursday), but I just have 4 finals left that are next week. I’m so sick of school. I am bored in every class. I just sit there trying not to fall asleep, hardly learning anything! I’m excited to have a little break before my winter class starts!

Saturday JP and I went up to visit Allie. That was fun. We didn’t do much-just hung out and stuff. It was such a good visit though, since I hadn’t seen Allie since her wedding. I just really missed her.

That’s my update. I know, boring. Sorry!


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