Guess What? December 14, 2009

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I’M NOT GOING TO FAIL SPANISH!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I know that sounds dumb, but you don’t understand. This battle with foreign languages and my learning abilities has been going on since I took Latin in highschool. Spanish has been killer. I’m struggling through this class and it is so frustrating because I’m not being lazy and I’m not doing poorly in any of my other classes. In fact, as far as I know, this is the only class I don’t have an A in!The homework and projects I do very well on, it’s just the tests that I can’t seem to understand! So, I spend the most time studying for this class and yet I am still barely passing. But anyway, I was bound to get between an 84 and a 59 (<—not passing!), but then I got an assignment graded and I got 100! It’s really hard to get 100 in this class, by the way. So, now the lowest possible grade I can get in the class is a 64, and that is assuming I get a zero on the final. I’ll probably get a D on the final, just like I do on the other tests, but I’m just glad that I will not get lower than a 64. Ah, so nice.

OK, back to studying.


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