It’s the most wonderful time of the year. . . December 14, 2009

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FINALS! So, it is NOT the most wonderful time of the year yet. I have four finals:

*Theatre-Monday, 11-1

*Fitness-Tues, 8-10

*Spanish- Tues, 11-1

*Bio-Thurs, 9-11

I’m nervous about Spanish and Fitness, but confident about bio and theatre. Here I go, by God’s strength, grace, and mercy. I am also working an extra day this week for my sister, and her birthday is Tuesday, so after a long day of two finals and work, I have to come home to her birthday dinner. And, my parents are probably giving her the gift I got her, so I also have to find time to buy her a gift! Things are just a little crazy, but then I have winter break, and I am so excited! Plus, I have a long mental to-do list of the things I want to get done during break (clean my room, get my car all better, read books, etc). I know I only have a two week break, really, but I’m grateful nevertheless. Anyway, back to last minute studying!


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