Finally Done! December 18, 2009

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I’m finally done for the semester. I only have off until the 4th, because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a winter class, but a break is a break. I’m glad to have off. School this semster was a lot, but not very hard (Minus spanish). It was a lot different than homeschooling, but I felt well prepared, never the less. I hated going to school everyday, which is why, come spring 2010, I’ll only be going to school on tuesday and thursday. I just hate getting up that early every day. Some would say I should keep doing it because it will prepare me for having a career. I am usually all for preparation, but getting up early is taking a huge toll on me. Uhm, what else? Uh, I make friends so easily, it’s crazy. I know that sounds silly, but I forgot how easily I click with people. I know just about everyone in all my classes, haha. Typical of my though, huh? Oh, so many tests. I did not have a test/quiz every day when I was homeschooled, and in college, I def. did. Finals, they’re not fun, but not as bad as I thought. I hate community college and can’t wait to get out of there. Winter semester and Spring semester, then I’m done there! What else? I didn’t know 15 weeks could seem so long.

That’s all my thoughts about this semester 🙂 I’m glad to be done and can’t wait to get my grades in. I know I have an A in biology and a C in Spanish. HOpefully that will be my only C for the rest of my college career. That C should be able to be overlooked because I am getting the documentation in the Spring to hopefully confirm that I have a FLLD (foreign language learning disability). I spent the most time studying for Spanish, yet I failed almost every test. I got 100’s on the homework and other assignments, but it was those tests that were so hard. Language is incredibly difficult for me to learn. Anyway, hoping for A’s in the rest of my classes. I had all A’s before finals (except in Spanish, I had a B before finals, C after), so I guess it depends on how I did in my finals!

Over break I have off work and everything, so I just plan on re-cooping, cleaning my room, doing all my laundry, and READING. I might catch up on a few movies too. haha. We’ll see. January 4th is when my Winter Speech class starts (don’t ask why I’m taking a winter class when I dont really need to). I’m excited because by the time that I go to UMBC, I should have 38 credits. Since you need 120 to graduate, it’s typical to get 30 a semester, but I guess with my winter classes and taking 6 classes each semester (fall/spring), they just added up!


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