Weekly Update December 19, 2009

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Finals week begins! AH! One Monday, two Tuesday, and one Thursday-PLUS I’m working an extra day! Ah!
. Sunday night (like, laaaate night), was amazing. I’ll list all the reasons why. 1) I got to briefly chat with you. 2) Colleen and Julie came over for a bit 3) Sidewalk Prophets-the band that plays “the words i would say,” twittered me-two times! And when they did the second time, that song came on. So cool. 4) It’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to fail spanish! 5) feeling prepared for tomorrow’s final. 6) GOOD MOOD. Ah, so happy.
I had only one final today (monday) and I feel like I did great on it πŸ™‚ Pretty sure I got an A. πŸ˜€
Final this morning (tues) was pretty good! Feel okay about it. even if I didnt get an A on the final, I still will have an A in the class, I’m pretty sure. That’s the only class I’m half concerned about getting a B in. Random tidbit-my day is going so well because I was able to get up and get dressed nicely this morning without having to worry about having swimming or fitness! I even wore a skirt and a real cute outfit. First time since day 1 of the semester, no joke. I always wear sweats.
Megan did it again, at church. She made me leave teary-eyed. She misses me. It’s so sad. She almost begged me to “have a playdate with Julie” so I could come to your house. Hopefully Wednesday I can take Jesse, Leah, and Megan out for breakfast and possibly to the playground. I’m waiting for your mom to call me back so I can know I can do it πŸ˜€
. So, I did okay in my fitness final (feeling iffy about it) and horrible in my Spanish one. So, that was fun.
I got my spanish final grade-76.08!!! A FREAKING C!!! I should not be happy about it, but I am SO happy! STill haven’t gotten the other grades back yet.
I got to go out with jesse, megan, leah, and katie today! It was SO fun! It was so cold though! We got breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (don’t be too jealous! πŸ˜‰ and then we went to Annie’s Playground.Β  I had never been there, but it was super fun! We ran around for soooo long. We were the only ones there! Then we got hot chocolate and I took the kids back. We had a blast. I miss those kids too much these days. I went into your room for the first time since you left :-p Sher and I were talking and then I realized I hadn’t been in there yet. Sherri hasn’t moved ANYTHING at all!! It’s allll in its exact same spot. I borrowed a book from you-salem walls? or something. It’s by jodi picoult and I’m reading “my sisters keeper” by her now and LOVE it. I saw it on the bookshelf and sher told me it was yours, but that I could borrow it πŸ˜€
Getting Christmas bonus’ at work is awesome.
Wednesday night I got an intense headache/possible migraine on my way home from work. IΒ  always get headaches if someone’s brights shine in my eyes. I think my eyes are like hyper-sensitive to light, haha. The shortest shine in my eyes and I will get a headache. Since it was the night before my biology finals, it was totally not fun. I get the headache, achy, nauseous deal. it was awful.
I’M DONE. I really shouldn’t have complained as much as I did about school, it was less than awful. I just hated going to school, haha. I got an 85 on my bio final and she said I def have an A now. So, that’s cool. Work is over till january, when I start my shift of 4 days a week!
Days of rest are so nice. Friday was a day of ALLΒ  R&R. It was so needed. I feel recharged.
Saturday was snow. all. day. long. Emily, Bryan, and Alex came over from like 2-well, they’re over now still (around 5ish). They were on their way home and my house was on the way and the snow was really bad. It’s a huuuuge snow, wish you could be here.

I miss and love you, as always. This week was extra long. I hope it was great for you. I added some pictures of my week πŸ™‚



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