Grades! December 24, 2009

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Final grades are up! 5 A’s and a C! Yay. My GPA is still a 3.68, but I’m hoping to bring it up by taking this winter class (speech) and getting an A. If I did my math correctly, an A in speech would move my GPA to a 3.72. That’s a little better than 3.68 and I’ll take what I can get right now! I’ll send in my application for UMBC after that class so my GPA will go up just a little bit hopefully πŸ™‚ The reason I got a C in Spanish was because, well, more than one thing. 1) my teacher was the granddaughter of the devil. 2) i can’t learn languages.
To expand on both points:
1) my teacher was HORRIBLE. EVERYONE hated her in my class. She said she was too busy for us, she taught the class like we were an online class because she taught so many online classes. She expected us, in 101, to give a four minute speech, multi-media, in spanish mid-semester. I didn’t even know enough to talk for 4 minutes! She also always said she was too busy for us because she’s a mom and teaches other classes and crap. Ugh. She was awful. She had us do these dumb survey things like almost every week and they were like anonymous and then she would go over them in class together and sometimes be like “oh, who said this?” and no one would say it was them cuz it was supposed to be anonymous and all. So then she’d be like “oh, we can only be honest when we don’t have to say it’s us who said it?” So annoying. And then we all said on the survey thing we were lost and had no idea what we were learning and stuff and she’s like, “I have a syllabus to follow, I CAN’T slow down” blah blah blah. Her tests were literally like 11 pages! And she had a recording part on the tests where you had to say like 9-11 sentences sometimes on that part. Well half the time the machine recorder didn’t work and we had to re-do it at home or something. It was a huge mess. If you asked her a question (via e-mail only pretty much) about your grades, she would say that she just punches grades into the computer and the computer does the math, so it’ll “work itself out.” For two of our tests, the average grade was in the low fifties. That should say something. When we went over that test she told us to tell her if something was hard. So we did and she’d say, “oh, that was supposed to be a trick question.” If it was supposed to be hard then why would she tell us she didn’t think the test was that hard and doesn’t understand why we failed it. Also, my teacher grades based on out of class participation! If you go to the stupid “language labs” on Fridays, then you get points on your class participation. This is not EXTRA credit mind you. GR! And, she hardly ever spoke English after the first day and when she spoke in Spanish she talked so fast! I might have caught a little of what she was saying if she talked slower, which I asked her to do on one of those surveys, but she said she didn’t have time to talk slower. Gr. The dean of the Languages will be getting and e-mail from me shortly.

2) I can’t learn languages. I got ALL A’s except for Spanish. I’m not stupid. I managed to write a 27 page paper this semester. I am a good learner and pretty self motivated. I don’t work well under pressure, so I don’t procrastinate that much. So getting a C is not my cup of tea. My sister and mom also had problems learning languages. My sister got the worst grades in Spanish, struggling through it. My mom actually chose the college she did because she knew that she wouldn’t have to take a language. I, however, chose an honors college that requires that I get up to the 201 level of Spanish. Right. Good luck, me. But, it seems that I have something called a Foreign Language Learning Disability. Yes, it’s real. So, if I have that, then I will get a slip saying that I don’t have to take any of the years of language required at the school. What a blessing that would be! I am getting tested in February, so we’ll see. I’ll keep ya posted πŸ™‚

Anyway, those are my excuses for getting a C in Spanish.

Hasta Luego.


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