Weekly Update, I guess. January 3, 2010

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So many things going on and I wish I could share them all. Life has been quite crazy and busy and fun and confusing and great. I’ve had lots of time to relax with Christmas break and everything, but still keeping busy! I have had a great time catching up with old friends and things. I love my friends! I start my winter class tomorrow. It’s four days a week for three hours for 3 weeks. And I have work four days a week now too. I’ll be busy, that’s for sure! The break was so nice and so long, but I don’t like that I am out of all my patterns! My sleep schedule is SO off! I go to bed about 3-4 hours later than normal and wake up 4=6 hours later than when in school! Luckily my winter class isn’t an 8am! It’s still early, but I can kind of ease back into waking up so early! I got almost everything done that I wanted to get done, and I’m finishing up some things today. I’m finally getting my laundry done, which is long overdue, and vacuuming my room, which has also been long awaited. Good news: I got to talk to Christina on skype and actually hear her voice! Usually we just chat via skype by typing, but I was at her families house and they were talking to her and I got to hear her voice for the first time in 2 months. I miss her SO much.

I had a great new years eve with awesome friends who I love very much. I only got an hour of sleep, but that is beside the point. . . It was good times and a nice pretty much final hang out before school starts. Luckily I only have 11 classes then I have off for a week before school starts–again!

Also, this year has gotten off to an exciting start filled with meeting and choices and stuff. It’s fun but hard at the same time. I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings! I had lots of resolutions last year, which were about 2/3 completed. This year I decided not to do that. While I have thoughts of things I wanted to resolve to do or change, I just decided not to do that this year.


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