Speeeeech January 4, 2010

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So I had to write a speech for my speech winterm. It had to be two minutes or around there- he doesn’t time us he said. We had to write about ourselves. It could be anything- our likes or dislikes or our favorite things or our hopes and dreams or about our family or animals or about our future or past or an influential experience- basically, anything. So I kinda like my speech and thought I would share it. Btw the “my name is _____ and my name is all I have” came from someone he quoted in class. Also, my teacher is a strong Christian and quoted Gregg Harris and I thought that was so cool! Makes the environment a lot more enjoyable for me and relaxed knowing that my teacher and share the same beliefs and general values!!!! This speech moght seem kinda weird but inwas trying to add in all the things he mentioned about speaking in our class today (like you have important things to say, you have a calling, let yourself be jnown and heard, etc). Anyway, here is my speech: by the way I typed this from my iPod so excuse and mistakes!
My name is Maggie Grant and my name is all I have, but not all that I am. While I am broken and sinful by nature, I have been gifted with a compassionate and encouraging spirit. I have a strong calling on life to use that compassion and encouragement to change the world. One of my life goals is to change the world, or at least one persons life. I feel called to change the world with my abilities by working in the field of social work. I am only blessed to live on the Earth for a limited amount of time and it is my desire to use each moment for good and to treat it as the gift that it is. In my journey towards becoming a social worker I have faced many challenges as well as had many successes. For example, I knew that it was imperative for me to get my masters if I wanted to be a social worker. Because of that i had to work extra hard in highschool because I wanted to graduate early so I would still be in my early twenties when I finished grad school. While this was incredibly hard, I was granted success because of all the hard work I put into this goal. I have also had to face the challenge of defending my calling to become a social worker to my friends and family who have discouraged me from pursuing this career because it can be so mentally and emotionally taxing and does not pay well in most cases. This challenge was particularly difficult, however, through time and perseverance, I gained full support and respect from my friends and family. I know that I have a long journey ahead (at least four and a half more years of schooling) until I can reach my goal of becoming a social worker, i know it will be achieved one day and that all my hard work will be rewarded. Until then, I keep working hard and pressing through the challenges. While most people would say “the end” or “thanks for listening” or even “that’s all I have to say” I will instead end with “this is not my end. I have a long journey ahead and y story is far from over and I have yet to say all that I have to say. This is not the last that you will see or hear of me.” my name is Maggie Grant and my name is all I have but not all that I am and will be.


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