2 quick things January 13, 2010

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A quick post before heading to school. Just two quick things.

1.If you happen to be reading this on the morning of the 13th, please be praying. I had a run-in with a concrete curb yesterday at work. it got my pretty badly on the hands and left knee. I was in a lot of pain last night in my hands, as they took the brunt of the fall for me. When I woke up I was in even more pain than yesterday. I have 7 band-aids on my hands and one on my knee. I know that this seems trivial. I would be if I didn’t have a demonstration speech today in which I need to use my hands A LOT. So that will hurt a ton. I pray for grace from my teacher. I don’t mind doing the speech, but I just need a little bit more time to do each step because my hands hurt so much. It’s always something, right?

2. I again plead with you to pray for me. I am more at peace about my summer decision. No, I haven’t even come close to deciding. I am on the middle of the fence if there ever was one! Sometimes I hop from side to side, but at the end of the day I’m always in the middle. Because I have a deadline though, I am not too concerned. I know, seems crazy. But God knows I have a deadline. I am fully confident that he will direct me, open or close doors, or give me a peace about which summer option I should pursue. I am now wrestling with the question of which will bring God more glory-China or Beachmont. I’m never going to figure it out on my own, so I’m pleading with him to somehow, anyway, show me, tell me, which I should do. My life’s purpose and goal is to infinitely bring God glory. So ultimately, I need to do what will bring God the most glory with my life this summer. Please keep praying and thanks for the prayers so far, I know they’re there and that’s a huge comfort.
Now, off to school to make a card in class 🙂


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