School. . . and things :) February 5, 2010

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So, I am bad at updating my blog, I apologize. Things have just been crazy. So, some things that have been going on.

I rearranged my room last weekend. That was lots of fun. I was sick of things being the same way because I spend so much time in my room and I just don’t like it anymore. So, single-handedly I moved everything.I think it looks much better and I’m very happy with it! I was, however, very sore the next day.

I started school (yay?). I was getting used to just getting up for work every day, haha. School has been a little nuts. I got my Phi Theta Kappa application in! I am going to be inducted on the 12th of March and I’m excited. Not really because it’s exciting, but more just because it looks good on my UMBC application, which I also turned in! That was so fun. NOT. I didn’t have to write an essay, but then I wanted to apply for Honors (which I don’t think I’ll be accepted into, but it was worth a try) and so I had to write an essay. It wasn’t too bad, but still not exactly fun! Uhm, so I still have to send in my transcripts, SAT scores, and a letter of confirmation that I am in the Phi Theta Kappa at my current school. So, that’s fun I guess. Anyway, my classes. . .

Pyschology: it’s so early! 8 AM is hard to get to class for, haha. My teacher seems really great. She went to school and works at Hopkins. She is into more of the experimental psych as opposed to most teachers who are into applied psych. It is refreshing. She’s young and has been in school for a long time and I think is still in school, so she hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a student, you know? It is a big class of almost 45, I think. It’s hard to make sure that you’re noticed, something that I think is really important. I like my teachers to know who I am, know my name, etc. I think it’s good for your grades (brownie points anyone?) as well as getting help if you need a question answered or something. So I try to sit in her line of sight and particpate if there is a chance. It is, however, a lecture, so most of the time it is her talking. I’m okay with that since it is an 8AM so most of the time I don’t mind sitting and listening to someone talk about what I already read in the textbook while I sit on my morning coffee. Boy, 6AM comes early. I’ll be happy when it isn’t dark when I wake up. That really throws me off! All in all, the class is good. I think it will be a some-what easy A. Oh, and there’s this boy that scares me. Call me judgmental, fine. His name is Michael, but I think he’s transexual. He has a girl haircut, wears skinny jeans tucked into UGGs, peacoats, and only girls clothes. He talks like a girl and wears make up too. It’s just plain scary. And, he gets mad if you call him Mike. Hmm. Weird.

Anthropology: This class is okay. It’s in a small classroom and there are a lot of people in it, so that is no fun. My teacher is okay, but kind of strict I think. Anthro reminds me a TON of sociology, so I hope it doesn’t feel too much like that! I get to do 6 more service learning hours. That is actually a blessing because I keep thinking about how I want to go back to that school and volunteer like I did last semester, but I just haven’t had the time. This assignment will allow me to do that. The class seems very easy. His tests are multiple choice and take home essay. They seem really reasonable. He gives you more points on your grade if you test badly but you can, in class, by talking, tell him that you understand the concepts. I tried to get on this guys good side. He is very strict about being there on time. Sometimes, parking is bad and stuff and people are late. I’m glad that I’ll already be there because of Psych before it! There is this kid in that class that is like 6 4, skinny as can be, and quite possibly albino. He always tells the teacher that he disagrees and he is very rude to the teacher. That’s no fun. It makes it tense at times when he is being rude to the teacher and the teacher has to deal with that. Anyway, the class seems fun. I should get to participate and stuff, so that’s fun. Shouldn’t be unreasonably hard to get an A.

Political Science: Well, this class seems good so far. It will be a little bit hard, I think. This class is taught more like it would have been in a public school. I was taught with a classic curriculum, so I’m not used to that, I guess. It’s just a different way of learning. The teacher is good. It’s a lecture class, so that’s a little hard to stay awake through, but he is good. Each week he gives us a “note sheet,” not unlike a sermon outline you might get at church. He talks about each point or set of questions then asks us if we’re following or have any questions. If we don’t, he continues. It just helps us figure out where he was, where he is going, and where he is. My friend Cooper is in the class, so that’s cool. There is a boy in my class who has some sort of mental issue. He sits with his feet on the table and he is always pulling his hair and running his fingers through it. It’s kind of strange. I can deal with it though. But what is truly just annoying is when he starts talking in the middle of class! I said something, commenting on what my teacher asked me, and the kid yells out, “AS IF!!!” because he did not agree with why I thought that Samuel Adams made a certain choice. I just looked around the class and they were all just shocked. He just does stuff like that and he’ll start talking when my teacher is so my teacher had to make a rule of no talking while he is and you have to raise your hand to talk. It kind of makes having discussions hard, but oh well. We also get to do these blog assignments where we go to a political blog post ( and the likes) and comment 100+ words on a post. We get to do it three times and it’s really fun. Yes, self-proclaimed dork here. I did one and it was fun. I did like 350 words or something, haha. Should be a fun class, but challenging.

Cultural Geography: Ah, last class of the day. This is a fun class! My teacher seems like he should be a minister at a southern baptist church, but he’s definitely not a minister. He’s so fun though and gives lots of extra credit. The class is so fun and I really like it. It’s going to be really hard for me because geography is something I have a lot of trouble with. We have to memorize a lot, and you all know that is not my strong point. It’s difficult. I like my classmates. We have a …strange girl. She read and took 10 pages of notes on the first five chapters of the book before the class started. Then she found out we’re not using that book and we should return it, lol. She’s just like that though, always trying to obviously suck up and look like she’s working way ahead. It’s weird, but whatever. So it’s a fun class! Hopefully I’ll have an A in the class, but it will be worth my work, I’m telling you that!

Math (online): This class is fine. It’s SO easy. I am already just about at the half way mark. I was told by my instructor that I had to stop until I took the first test (which I have to go into school to do). She said she’s never had a student this far ahead 🙂 That was exciting. It’s self-paced pretty much, so that’s cool.I will have an A in that, I’m sure.

Addiction Counseling: Seems good so far, but we haven’t done much yet. I don’t have a good feel for the class so I can’t really tell you what I think of it yet. It seems super easy, but maybe she just hasn’t given us a big assignment yet, I don’t know. Seems like an easy A to me though!

SO, that’s my classes. I’m still working 4 days a week, babysitting at least one time a week regularly, trying to make it to church events regularly, and attempting to have a social life–although a social life is at the very bottom of my priorities right now. I’m also trying to continue to raise money towards China! I am about… 1/5 of the way there… so 4/5 to go. I’m praying, and ask that you would also continue praying for my trip and fund raising. I’m excited about upcoming meetings and things like that. I don’t really know everyone on the trip very well, so it will be nice to get to know them better. I’m working also on trying to find things to do for the summer. I would love to find a regular babysitting job or 2 or 3 rather than get a job. It’s hard to get a job. I don’t want to do retail. I don’t want to do anything with food. That right there limits my options. PLUS, I will have to have those two weeks off for China. So, babysitting is my best bet. Being a summer nanny would be awesome for me. Anyway, that’s that.

Well, that’s a couple little things to update you! I’m still alive, haha. I am trying to keep my blog updated, but it’s hard! Hopefully I will do better as school gets into the swing of things!

Until next time. . .


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  1. Your posts always show me that you really have some indepth knowledge about this. Quite a valuable read i must say.

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