Snowed in. . . February 8, 2010

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So my friend was suggesting things I should do while snowed in (have been since Friday and it’s looking like I will be for a couple more days!). At the top of her list was making cards. I haven’t done that in a bit, so I was excited to make cards. Here’s a picture of the first one I made for my 7 year old friend, Megan. She’s such a cutie and SO sweet. Here’s the picture I based this card off:

Here’s my card, made to fit for a seven year old:

I debated about the little gems on the four corners of the stamped pink paper. I know Megan LOVES pink and sparkles and everything girly. I just had to add it because I had the feeling she would love it.

The inside was also all “done up.” I made a “stamp” inside. Here is what I mean. I think she’ll like it.

There will be more to come! I’m also hoping to post some funny videos that my little brother and I made over the weekend!


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