Sledding! February 9, 2010

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Yesterday I went sledding. It was SO fun. It was a horrible idea, however. Me and my friends Jami and Mollie thought that it would be a good idea to use a tube a lot like this:

We had about three of us on there at a time and sometimes even four of us. It was SO much fun!! I went sledding when we had the last snow and it was a blast. There were more of us and we had the guys build us a ramp. This time it wasn’t a lot of us, but it was still so fun. But the thing about a tube like that is that you fall–ALL THE TIME. I don’t even know if the three of us made it down still on it even one time! I fell off multiple times. Often I had my little brother, Jesse, on my lap, so to keep him from flipping, I would take a hard hit so he wouldn’t get hurt. He must have fallen on top of me 5 times. It was crazy. One time Jami and I were going down the hill and our legs were tangled. Well I started falling off but my legs were stuck so I was being dragged down this hill with my head and butt banging against the snow until I got uncaught. It hurt so much. Another time my head was leaning back and I couldn’t get up so my head just kept dragging and banging. I guess that is why my neck is unbelievably sore today?

Anyway, it was a blast, but I’m regretting it today. With a body like mine, you really shouldn’t do things like sledding. Plus, when you go down the hill in the tube, you have to walk back up the hill–usually carrying the tube as well. Not fun. Especially when you have knees and hips that hurt like an 89 year old, it’s not fun. I forgot that my insides are too old for sledding. It makes me kind of sad to know that I really shouldn’t do the things normal girls/boys my age do, but oh well. I guess it’s good for me or something. I just know that if I’m wise, I will not do that again because I am in an incredible amount of pain in my neck, shoulders, triceps, lower back, sides, hips, knees, and ankles. SO, I shouldn’t do that again.

Here’s a picture of the first time I went sledding back in December:

Sledding with JP


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