So, more creative things? February 9, 2010

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I made another card last night. I’m trying to decide who it will be for. I might give it to Leag, Megan’s 6 year old sister. I’m just not sure though because, even though it’s a kinda nice card, she isn’t as much of a girly girl so I don’t know that she would love the pink and purple and ribbons and stuff. So, we’ll see. I can always send it to someone else (assuming the snow clears one day and we ever see another mail truck!!!) or just save it for a time that I need a quick card.

Anyway, here is the card I based my idea off of: ps-From now on if I base my basic idea off of a card I find online I’m gonna try to post it just so they’re getting credit for it. To me, it’s kinda like quoting someone in a paper, haha. Anyway. here:

Now, here is my card:

It looks better than in the picture, but it’s still an okay card. I’m not like in love with it and I do like the first one I made better, but oh well. I like the idea and I think it will be perfect for someone…I’m just not sure who yet!

Well, hopefully I will make at least one more today, but I would like to make two or three more. I have other “plans” for today too. I’m also anxiously awaiting even more snow 🙂 I got off school today, so that was nice. Bummer: online classes don’t have snow days. BOO. It’s okay though because I’m already half way done my entire math class and I’m at a stopping point in that class anyways because I can’t go on until I take a test which I have to go into school to do. . . But school is closed so that makes a problem. And my addiction counseling class hardly has any homework. I’m gonna read a chapter in the book and take the next quiz, but I don’t even really need to. Then we just have this little journal assignment where we have to journal 2 times a week like half a page. Not bad! So, that’s my idea of a snow day 🙂 I don’t really care if we have off school tomorrow (even though I know we will) because I don’t go to school anyway. It would be nice to have off work though! I DO, however, hope we have off Thursday because I have school and work that day. And Friday I don’t have school or work, so it doesn’t matter, haha.

Well, that’s all for now folks.


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