I’m back. . . February 22, 2010

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I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’m really bad at consistantly blogging. There are other things that are more important to do consistently besides blogging, so I’m okay with the fact that I will never blog every day haha.

Well, some exciting things…

School started again. It’s been weird because I only had two days of classes before having a week and a half off of school, so I never got into a good routine or got to know how my teacher ran their classes and stuff. There wasn’t even much homework I could do or get ahead in because all of my classes were just starting. Going back was hard for us students and I think for the teachers. Most of my teachers have been so good about the snow and have pushed back tests and things to help us out and give us more time. That’s been a huge blessing. I have weird classmates. In my first class, there is a very very gay boy. I haven’t ever seen anyone like him. He wears all girls clothes (skinny jeans with UGGs and womens tops) and does his make up every day and…ew ew ew. It grosses me out. Next class is an albino, or at least I think he is. He’s so white and his strange, almost red looking eyes. He’s so tall. He likes to argue with the teacher and has a funny little voice. My next class has someone with turrets in it. This makes the class interesting, to say the least. This is American Government. One time my teacher asked a question and I answered. Mr. Turrets didn’t like my answer so he shouts out “AS IF!!!!” It was so funny. We all tried not to laugh. I do not at all want to make fun of this kid, but he says comical things so it’s been a tricky balance between when to laugh and when not to laugh. He’s getting better as the weeks go on though because our teacher has talked to him a lot. It’s weird though. And he puts his big feet with hiking boots that he wears on the table because he just relaxes during class. He doesn’t take notes. He is really smart though and knows more than I’ll ever know about history. So that’s cool. I do feel a little bad though because, I’ll admit, my classmates and I try not to let him sit next to us because he puts his feet on the table and like pulls his hair out of his head. I guess I just need to be more comfortable with him, I don’t know. I’ve never really known anyone with turrets so it’s uncomfortable for me. Anyway, then in my last class I have a girl who wears….Drum roll….a tail. Yes, a tail. Imagine this on a string or something attached to the back of a girl in COLLEGE.

That class is a joke and it’s so weird. I don’t even know if I’m going to keep coming because it’s my last class of the day and he doesn’t care if you come or not and we don’t learn anything and the slides are online and we don’t even do anything worth going for. We’ll see. My online classes are going well. I have my first math test today before work. Should be fun. Addiction counseling is going okay. I had the wrong book for three weeks because of the girl at the bookstore giving me the wrong book. So then I had read 100 pages of the wrong book, not read 100 pages in the right book and I had a test the day after I realized the girl had given me the wrong book. Let me tell you, that was a crazy day. I had to try to return the $85 book that I didn’t need, which they refused to do, go to two different bookstores to find my right books because the boy at the first bookstore didn’t want to look in the returns pile for it, and then call the bookstore manager and explain what happened so he would let me return the book, which he did. On top of all of that, I had to read all the assigned pages from the past few weeks so that I would pass the test! Crazy crazy community college. Boo. Oh, I sent in my UMBC application! I just have to send my college transcript and I’ll be good! yay! Can’t wait. I applied for honors but don’t think I will make it into honors, but we’ll see. Overall, school is school and it’s going well. It actually looks like I might have an easier semester than last semester. yay!

China! Things are going well with fund-raising even though I need nearly $2,000 still. I’m so thankful to all who have donated and I’m working on thank you cards today. It’s just a busy season of life right now. I want to make sure I’m diligent in getting to know my team, investing in this trip in every way, as well as diligently praying for everything that goes into a trip like this. I am still working on the funds, but God’s been faithful to bring them in quickly thus far. I can’t wait 🙂 People keep asking me if I’m excited. I have mixed answers. Part of me is so excited. Part of me is nervous because I don’t have anything else lined up job wise for the rest of the summer. Part of me is so busy with school and work and life that I haven’t had much time to “get excited.” Part of me, the part that is the desire God put into my heart to go to China, is beyond happy! I can’t wait. When I do actually think about it, I always get a big smile. Right now our meetings and all are mostly just logistics, but soon I know we’ll be talking about other things. Please keep our team in your prayers!

Youth Advance is next week. That is the youth retreat my church has every year for the middle and highschoolers as well as their parents. I’ve been attending since I was in 6th grade and I always enjoyed it and the Spirit always did a work in my heart. Since I chose to graduate early, I forfeited a year of going to Youth Advance as a student. That’s super sad. I’m still going this year, after much debate, but this time I’m going to serve. I love to serve the church, so I’m excited. It’s just weird because all my friends my age this year are  attending as students. Being in the college care group though, it would be weird to be a student there. I’m not in the highschool group and I don’t attend their meetings. Anyway, it’s times like these that I wonder if I made the right choice to graduate early. Me and the friends I have that are my age–we’re on totally different pages in life and it’s weird. I always tell people that I would not graduate early if I could go back and do it again. I so wouldn’t. But, I made the choice and I must live with it now. I mean, it’s been a good experience it’s just got a lot of down sides to it–one of them being that I missed out on a year of being a highschooler. Oh well. Enough about that. I just wanted to say that I’m excited for the weekend after this coming one because I get to serve others.

Work has been crazy too. With the snow and everything, it’s all been thrown off. I missed babysitting and work so much. I’m getting back into the swing of things though, and that’s good. It’s just been a weird schedule because like Monday I didn’t work like usually because the kids had off. Friday I don’t usually work but I did because I was subbing for someone else. This Wednesday I’m not working my usual hours because the kids don’t have school but there is parent teacher conference day. On PTCD I  come in and watch the kids from 8-3 while their parents have meetings. It’s only about 6 kids at a time and they only stay for about 20 minutes each. It’s nice though because I don’t have school so I’ll be making more money than just working 3-6. Plus, I’m still getting paid 1/2 for the 3-6 hours because my work pays half on holidays and snow days. So blessed to have my job. I can’t even explain. Uhm, so yeah. Work has been crazy, but so good.

Thursday I have the first meeting thing for my testing for my learning disability they suspect that I have. I would LOVE prayers. This meeting is just to evaluate me and make sure that I am eligible for the testing. This test is crucial. If I can’t take this test–well, I don’t even want to think about it. Basically, if I don’t have to take this test I have to take years of Spanish that UMBC requires. Well, I can’t learn foreign languages. It’s incredibly hard. Like, SO hard. This testing will exempt me from the Spanish classes. Pray my insurance covers the $2,000 testing. Pray they allow me to take the test. Pray that this meeting goes smoothly. Pray that my next appointment will be scheduled soon and not far from now. Those are all important things. I’m going on Thursday and I’m very excited!

Anyway, that’s my life in a nutshell. There is so much else I wish I could write, but I gotta go eat breakfast, make a lunch and a dinner, shower/get myself ready, go to school to get my transcript sent to UMBC, take a math test, go to work, then babysit until some-what late tonight. Tis the life of a college student. . . ?


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  1. Christa Says:

    HEY! do i just wanted to let you know that i love you and miss you and can’t wait to hang out with you this weekend.
    im going to send you some money for your trip! im so excited for you. it’ll be a great experience.
    hope you’re doing wellllll!

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