Currently. . . March 24, 2010

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Sorry. I often forget I have a blog. Oops. Here is a small update and catch up of the current things going on in my life.

No news about the college acceptance letter. Actually, there is news. Although I was told, and the online application status told me that my application was completed, sent, and confirmed, this was false. I called because I had a weird feeling it wasn’t right, and my feeling was accurate.  I knew it seemed strange they didn’t want my high school transcript/SAT scores (since at the moment I have less than 30 credits. I will have 38 by the time I’m done this semester, but not when I applied). Turns out the didn’t look at my application because they don’t even have my college transcript with it (which I sent a while ago) and they need my high school stuff. The girl was nice enough though and said they should still look at my application before the spring semester is over, even though I really missed priority deadline. Oh well. At least I’m not so worried about not getting a letter yet, haha. Anyway, I’m just waiting now and making sure they receive ALL of my stuff!
Spring break is starting tomorrow (after midterms. boo). That’s partially exciting. I have my entire week and a half planned out with school plans. My classes are going well except for my addiction counseling teacher (which is an online class) who is royally screwing me over. I could potentially not get an A when I deserve every one of those 100 points for each assignment. It’s awful. I finished one of my classes already though! It’s math and it’s online and it’s self paced, so that’s awesome. Besides that, I am okay with school. I still love learning, I’m ready for sophomore year, and I still hate my current school. School recently has been making my anxiety go to a peak and that’s never good. I’m so anxiety prone that all the extra stress of school is putting me over the edge. I love school so much though that if anything was gonna stress/worry me, I’d want it to be school. I know, I’m a dork/geek/nerd, or whatever the kids say now.
Besides that, nothing too exciting to report. I have a 6K coming up that I’ve been trying to train for. My body is really hating me for all the running I’m doing, but I try to push on with or without pain. I’m excited because my sister and a family friend are going to run it with me. It’s lonely running alone all the time, although it can be great thinking time!

I’m still waiting and trying to figure out what to do this summer besides to go to China, which I’m pumped about, by the way. If you live in the area or know someone who does that needs a babysitter, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My ideal summer would be to have a few regular babysitting gigs. I love kids more than working any other job, so I’d much rather do that. Plus, it’s fun. Plus, it typically pays better. Plus, it’s a flexible schedule. Plus, my “bosses” are MUCH nicer! So we’ll see. I’m hoping I can just be available and get some people who want me regularly!

Speaking of China, I’m getting ready! We’re about 107 days away! We’re getting shot and visa and fund-raising things figured out. It’s all kind of nerve racking, kind of exciting. I’m ready to go! I was just thinking back to India–it’s been THREE years already! I can’t believe it! Weird. China is so exciting though. It will be SO different. There is only like one other person from the India trip that is going. I’m excited since I’ve already traveled, but still a little nervous. I’m ready to be a blessing. Please be praying for me and my team. Specific things: 1) At this time, funds are a big thing for most of us. I’m not even half way. I’m not really nervous, but God will provide eventually. I am asking for big things from God. We need to raise $2500 each. That’s a lot of money to a person like me. I’ve sent out letters and God has been faithful to put it on people’s hearts to respond generously. My family has been supportive as well. Having a job this time around (as opposed to India) helps a little because I really can help contribute towards my fund-raising this year. I don’t make a ton of money, however, and gas is expensive. Anyway, fund-raising is a big issue we talk about often. We’re not only trying to raise as much as each of us needs, but we would like to raise about $12,000 extra to take to the foundation so they can help with surgeries. You know, I should post my letter on here so that people know more about my trip. I’ll get on that. Anyway, so that’s another prayer request: that we would raise the extra to take with us. Also, there are a good amount of young people on this trip, and I would probably include myself in that category. There are at least 3 middle schoolers I can think of as well as 4 high schoolers. I know that my first trip was hard, so I really want to be praying, and having others pray as well, for these young people. I’m so glad that God has put on their heart to go and everything, and so I pray that I can be a blessing. I also know, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was IN middle school, that I’m probably being watched by the middle school girls. They might not even be thinking about it, but I know that I have to be careful about what I say and do, and about every move I make. So that’s another prayer request: that I would be able to be a good, godly example to those girls. Another prayer request is for cheap plane tickets. The price is rising. We have a budget. God’s in control. But we are to be faithful and pray! So I would ask that you pray specifically that we could maybe get tickets for less than $1,200 I think is the price we’re shooting for. Those are our major prayer requests at the moment! Thanks for praying!

Alright, my study break is over. Back to studying for my two huge tests that are tomorrow!

Hopefully I can keep my blog (somewhat) updated 🙂


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