weekends, how i love thee! April 25, 2010

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SO, I ran my 6K! It was fun. My sister and friend ran it as well. Out of the three, I was in the middle for time (but not really because Cherie got amazing time!). It was fun!! I’ve done 5Ks, but never a 6K. I loved it. It didnt really feel like it was much longer, in reality. I got in at 41 minutes. Not too bad. I’m happy with it. Hopefully I can keep letting my time get shorter each race! I’ll post a couple little pictures soon.

Tonight I’m going to a REILLY concert. They’re a great new Christian band. They played a concert at my church and I’ve loved them ever since! It’s a cool concert because it’s like a preview for their new CD, so that should be cool. My mom wont the tickets, but she can’t go. So now I’m taking my little sister and we got 2 extra tickets so two of my friends are going with me. Should be fun. It’s in PA so it’ll be a nice drive, too! I’ll post pictures after that, too!


Who Will Love Me For Me?

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I really like this song…and all songs by her, really. listen to this and check out the others if you want. the artist is JJ Heller and she’s awesome!


Chances–Five for Fighting April 22, 2010

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God’s Goodness.!

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I just wanted to say that today, I am fully aware of God’s goodness. Okay, I will probably never be fully aware. But, I am very aware today. God has been so good to me the past two days. Bringing in financial support in unexpected ways (which is what I was praying!) and restoring relationship and doing well on a test (I think) and getting a nice surprise from my dad and being reminded of how I’m saved and loved by a God. I love this Max Lucado quote that he tweeted today. He said “nothing comes your way that does not go through the filter of God’s love.” I really love that truth. I just wanted to remind you that you’re loved. Hope is real, you have a story and that story matters. Speaking of hope, guess what? TWLOHA won the full page ad in USA today!!!! A FREE full page ad! Wow, so cool. USA today had a twitter contest of sorts and whoever basically had someone tweet their name the most amount of times won a full page. Well, TWLOHA won. I was so excited. They deserve it. In other news…I’m excited because I might get to hang out with my littlest brother tonight. I have to take my little sister to youth group and then either stay and do homework or something or I could take my littlest brother with me, who is too young for the youth group, and hang out with him (get a slurpee or ritas or something) during the youth group and then come back to pick my sister and other little brother from youth group later. Even though I should probably just bring school or something, I’d rather not. It’s actually not that bad if I don’t because next week’s school week looks so good. NO tests, that I know of. It is quite possible that this will be my first test free week, no joke. So excited, haha. So it’s not crucial to study or whatever tonight. I have assignments due next week, but they are all already finished (yay spring break homework!). SO yeah. Oh, and also—I JUST finished watching “The Blindside” between classes. I had a test first period and it only took like 20 minutes, so I finished it before anthropology which starts shortly. I thought it was okay. Not as good as everyone made it out to be, in my opinion. I love love love Sandra Bullock though, so that was a good thing she was in it. It was okay, though. I mean, I would maybe watch it again. I don’t see why people said that they were like sobbing when they watched it though. Oh well. To each their own. I’m not really a movie person anyway, so my opinion doesn’t hold much weight. Well, that’s my random news post of the day.

Remember, we are so loved. I’m so blessed to be saved from what I deserve because of my sins. I am so blessed and thankful that His mercies are new every morning! Keep that truth in mind today, friend!

Psalm 102:25-27

25 In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth,
and the heavens are the work of your hands.

26 They will perish, but you remain;
they will all wear out like a garment.
Like clothing you will change them
and they will be discarded.

27 But you remain the same,
and your years will never end.


81 DAYS! April 19, 2010

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Hey all.
So, I had a China meeting Sunday so wanted to give you an update. First, tons of prayer requests:
-We’re trying to get a certain fund raiser together. It’s hard so far. We’re doing well with trying to get it together, but we aren’t sure if we’re gonna be able to do it. I want to and think it would be awesome. So pray that we can get things worked out so we can put on this fundraiser.

-Plane tickets. Prices are rising RAPIDLY. We have a deal, but only if we get things together VERY quickly. So, pray that we will have the funds and details worked out so we can get this cheaper price and maybe even have a little money left over from each of us raising the funds if we can get these ticket prices discounted. If we can get the ticket price we have a deal with, then we will have about $4,000 I think to donate to China or to use to buy supplies to bring.

-Focus! It’s really hard to stay focused when we are thinking about all these logistical things right now. I want to keep the right focus, even when it’s hard. I keep thinking about myself and I want to stop. It’s a privilege for me to go on this trip. God is blessing me with this opportunity, really! It’s a huge blessing! I need to remember God’s goodness to me for allowing me to go on this trip.

-Funds. We are at about 40% of our grand total, but we want to be able to bring $12,000 extra to bless the foster home with. Some people have their total amount in, but some people are really struggling. I’m about halfway, thank God. I still have a long way to go. Luckily we have lots of fundraising opportunities (check the post below and TRADE ME TO CHINA). But I know that the money part of the trip is really testing a lot of people’s faith. It’s good, though. I am excited to see what cool things God will do to bring in the funds. This is another area where we need focus. It’s a blessing to be able to raise funds. It blesses other people when they give. Some families who give are really stretching their faith because they aren’t really able to give to us. It’s blessing them to test their faith. It’s blessing me to grow in humility–I can’t be shy about asking, because it’s a blessing. It’s just an area where we have to stop thinking about ourselves.

-Medicines. We are hoping to bring a variety of medicines to the foster home. They really need medicines and we will, hopefully, be able to bring meds to last them until late spring when their next batch of groups comes to serve there. So pray that our connections will work and we will be able to bless them with lots of medical supplies.

-Health. We all need to be healthy to go to China when the time comes. Especially pray against fevers. With the H1N1 scare, it would not be good if we got fevers. So please pray for good health.

-Shots. We don’t have any required shots. Some people would like to get a few that are suggested, such as Hep A. We aren’t doing this as a team, so pray that those who want the shot will be able to get it and not break their banks.

-Passports. Some people are waiting on their passports. This is really important because we need those to get plane tickets or something like that (i’m not good with all the details [; ) So pray those come asap!!

-Visas. We will be getting our visas in a few short weeks. Pray in advance that everything goes smoothly, please!

-Faith. This is self-explanatory. WE NEED FAITH.

-VBS. We may be able to do a VBS. This is the first time, so it would be SUPER exciting. The thing is, we just found this out. We leave in 81 days. This is REALLY short to put together and organize and learn and etc. for a VBS–especially one that will have to face the language barrier issue. When I went to India we did a VBS. I played a part in it, but I did not lead it in anyway, haha. Now, with China, we need someone to lead it. It’s a big job. Without a leader, we will not do the VBS. I think it would be AMAZING to do a VBS. But, it would be a TON of planning and it would be hard for me to try to lead it. I could definitely use our India VBS, but I would definitely have to adapt it. Mr. Dan asked that we pray about being the point person. I think God wants me to. I don’t know how much I want to. I’m willing to¬† and I DO want to, I just am scared as anything. I like to lead, but it would be hard. You gotta figure out/teach the team music, skits, crafts, etc. It’s just a lot. Plus there are four classes so each lesson would be done 4 times. I am praying and kind of hoping God just makes it clear to me what I’m supposed to. My fellow team member, Heather, told me she would be really interested in being a key helper with the VBS if I was willing to be the point person. Hopefully I can make that decision in the next couple days. Please pray with me.

Those are all the prayer requests I can think of at the current time. I’m getting more excited as the time approaches. I’m also excited to move out of logistics talk and into team bonding and such.


Trade Me To China!

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Dear reader,
Some of you may remember in 2005 a guy named Kyle started with a red paper clip and through a series of 14 trades on Craigslist, traded it for a house! Here’s a link – you can click on the paper clip and even see a short 20/20 documentary about it:

Well, I am still planning to travel to China this summer with a group that will be working in orphanages. In the spirit of the red paper clip, I have a fundraiser that YOU might be able to help with, and it’s mutually beneficial! I have a brand new, rare (only 20 of these were made) Baltimore Ravens hat. My dad has already offered 10 hours of studio time for it at his recording studio, Secret Sound, in Baltimore. I hope to keep trading, and at some point trade for money, to help earn money for my trip.

So there you have it – I can sell this studio time at a discount (he even said he would subdivide it) or trade up for something better. Here’s your chance to send a friend into the studio to record that karaoke song! Comment on here or e-mail me at or call me at 443 895 1824 to contact me about trading for the studio time, or even just part of the 10 hours, or just buying the time from me. Thanks in advance.

Also, maybe you are not interested in my first trade offer, but know someone who is. Please help me out by spreading the word like wild-fire. Also remember to keep checking back, as I may have a new offer in the future.

I’m halfway to my financial goal of $2,500, so I need YOUR help. TRADE ME TO CHINA!


Today–Rob Bell April 10, 2010

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I considered buying this video, but I don’t think I will. I love this though:

“it’s not. everything isn’t new. we aren’t who we were and things aren’t how they were. how much energy do people spend wishing things were how they were? if you need to celebrate how good things were, then celebrate. if you need to remember who great it was when they were alive, then remember that. and if you need to grieve, grieve. and if you need to apologize or make amends or you need to do something to make peace with how it was, then do it. but then, move on. there’s, there’s a certain kind of despair that sets in when we believe things that were better back then. you know, when we’re stuck back there. when we’re not fully present. when we’re still holding on to how things were, our arms aren’t free to embrace today.”