Good Friday Service April 3, 2010

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I blogged about how I was going to a church service last night that my friend was preaching at. It was so good! I was really blessed to be able to attend!! Click here to read Steve’s sermon. The service was SO good! They had a small choir singing, three characters from the night of Jesus’ death act some, there were 3 mini-sermons, and then 1 song sang by my friend Rachael and my friend Steve played the….some kind of drum….It was fabulous. They sang this song: They did the song justice. It was beautiful and I love that song. My friend actually just did a human video to that song with some people from her school. It was an awesome addition to the night. Couple things I loved from the sermons:

During the first message the speaker, Toby Gayner, read a quote and I loved it. I’ve found it online but I’m not sure who the quote is from. But anyway, it says this:

“When you cancel a debt, you absorb a liability someone else deserves to pay.  Forgiveness requires that you absorb certain effects of another person’s sins and release the person from liability to punishment.  This is what makes forgiveness so difficult for us.  We don’t want to absorb the liability or wrong done to us by someone else.  Yet, isn’t this exactly what Jesus did for us when He died at Calvary?  He took the debt of our sins upon Himself and paid for them in full as though they were His liability.  This forgiveness now releases us from God’s punishment, which we justly deserved.”

Maybe I have heard that 123.000 times. I needed to hear it again. I loved that quote. It was very good and powerful. I love the word “absorb.” He ABSORBED my sin. He felt the full effects of it. He didn’t just REMOVE the wrath of God, it was poured out on HIM. The pastor went on to say that if Jesus had asked “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” at any time before His crucifixion, the Father would have said “I cannot and I will not.” But Jesus asked the question at such a time that God was able to say “I can and I will.” I really loved that because I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about that before.

Couple things I liked from Steve’s message:

I like the quote he used from Spurgeon, “This anguish of the Saviour on your behalf and mine is no more to be measured and weighed than the sin which needed it, or the love which endured it.” Sin need it, love endured it. I also liked this, “esus has experienced great betrayals of trust and friendship, but none of them provoke the anguished cry like his abandonment from the Father. In a loud voice, he cried, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'” -Steve. I also am fully with Steve on this point: My temptation now is to turn immediately to the Resurrection…to proclaim that yes, this suffering was endured, but now he’s raised. It’s over, it’s history. One cannot dwell upon these events comfortably, for it causes such distress of heart, such uneasiness and discomfort. We want to think merely of Jesus being raised victoriously all the joy that attended his triumph. And these things are absolutely worthy of our meditation and celebration in their time. But right now I believe God would have us reflect solemnly and quietly on this different manifestation of his love for us; a love expressed through the cursing of the Son in our place for our sins. It was for our rebellion that God the Father forsook His Son.” I was saying the other day (I think…) that I like that Good Friday is a couple days before Easter. I like to use that time to meditate and really think about what Jesus did, what Good Friday is all about. I was smiling when Steve said that we should not move on too quickly because we had just been chatting about that the day before!

From the third message, I loved when Pastor Arie talked about how Jesus’ request for a drink was a cry to fulfill. There was a scripture in the Psalms that talked about Jesus thirsting. This request of Jesus was to fulfill that prophecy. Jesus was faithful to the point of death. I am not nearly that faithful & it gives me motivation to be faithful like He was. I also am freshly reminded that I can trust Him. If He even did that to be faithful, He MUST love me. He must be true. He fulfilled everything and there is no way I can doubt Him. I can trust Him because He never was unfaithful–even to the point of asking for a drink while He was dying a more awful death than I could ever even imagine. Wow, what an AWESOME God I live for–He gave His Son up–for ME. Jesus willingly died. He did not have anything less than torment and endured nothing less than God’s full wrath. Jesus then was thirsty as He died in agony. He was thirsty to fulfill God’s purposes and bring God glory. As a believer, I have the same thirst for God’s glory to be projected from my life. I put that thirst aside, however, for so many things. I was really thinking about this last night. I suppress my thirst so that I can pursue other, useless things.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Great service. I hope you all are enjoying your Easter weekend and things 🙂 I’m excited for tomorrow. I’m going to a Sunrise Easter service (always an Easter highlight!) with friends then heading over to church. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted (especially since I have to be up at 5:30am and it’s 12:10 am and I’m not that tired yet), but it’s always good. I’m supposed to teach the 2’s class at church, but I’m hoping someone will want to fill in for me so I can be in the Easter service! So yeah. Then some family is coming over and we’re having a good ‘ol cookout. Should be fun. I’m excited. Have a blessed Easter, blog world.


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