Rob Bell–Resurrection April 10, 2010

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Rob Bell is a LITTLE out there for me. I do like most of his mini-videos. They are good and direct. I like this video a lot. I watched it around Easter and it was good and it helped me get in the right mindset for that day.

“if you had witnessed this divine life extinguished on a cross how would you not be overwhelmed with despair. Is the world ultimately a cold, hard, dead place? Does death have the last word? Is it truly honestly actually dark? And so whatever light we do see, whatever good we do stumble upon are those just blimps on the radar? Momentary interruptions in an otherwise meaningless existence? Because if that is the case, then despair is the only reasonable response. . .He says his resurrection would not be the end…resurrection announces that God has not given up on the world because this world matters. This world that we call home: dirt and blood and sweat and skin and light and water. This world that God is redeeming and restoring and renewing. Greed and violence and abuse they are not right and they cannot last because they belong to death and death does not belong. Resurrection says that what we do with our lives matter in this body the one that we inhabit right now…theres nothing left to fear and nothing can ever be the same. We are living in the world in the midst of rescue…So when you find yourself assuming that it’s over, lost, gone, broken, and it can never be put back together again. When its been destroyed and you swear that it could never be rebuilt hold on a minute because in that moment things will in fact have just begun.”

I love that set of quotes. it’s good and true. Jesus’ resurrection is so important.


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