Trade Me To China! April 19, 2010

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Dear reader,
Some of you may remember in 2005 a guy named Kyle started with a red paper clip and through a series of 14 trades on Craigslist, traded it for a house! Here’s a link – you can click on the paper clip and even see a short 20/20 documentary about it:

Well, I am still planning to travel to China this summer with a group that will be working in orphanages. In the spirit of the red paper clip, I have a fundraiser that YOU might be able to help with, and it’s mutually beneficial! I have a brand new, rare (only 20 of these were made) Baltimore Ravens hat. My dad has already offered 10 hours of studio time for it at his recording studio, Secret Sound, in Baltimore. I hope to keep trading, and at some point trade for money, to help earn money for my trip.

So there you have it – I can sell this studio time at a discount (he even said he would subdivide it) or trade up for something better. Here’s your chance to send a friend into the studio to record that karaoke song! Comment on here or e-mail me at or call me at 443 895 1824 to contact me about trading for the studio time, or even just part of the 10 hours, or just buying the time from me. Thanks in advance.

Also, maybe you are not interested in my first trade offer, but know someone who is. Please help me out by spreading the word like wild-fire. Also remember to keep checking back, as I may have a new offer in the future.

I’m halfway to my financial goal of $2,500, so I need YOUR help. TRADE ME TO CHINA!


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