weekends, how i love thee! April 25, 2010

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SO, I ran my 6K! It was fun. My sister and friend ran it as well. Out of the three, I was in the middle for time (but not really because Cherie got amazing time!). It was fun!! I’ve done 5Ks, but never a 6K. I loved it. It didnt really feel like it was much longer, in reality. I got in at 41 minutes. Not too bad. I’m happy with it. Hopefully I can keep letting my time get shorter each race! I’ll post a couple little pictures soon.

Tonight I’m going to a REILLY concert. They’re a great new Christian band. They played a concert at my church and I’ve loved them ever since! It’s a cool concert because it’s like a preview for their new CD, so that should be cool. My mom wont the tickets, but she can’t go. So now I’m taking my little sister and we got 2 extra tickets so two of my friends are going with me. Should be fun. It’s in PA so it’ll be a nice drive, too! I’ll post pictures after that, too!


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