Life Lately January 22, 2011

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Reading lots of Hebrews. In love with it. So convicted. SO changed.


Listening to lots of Pastor Mark. Love his sermons. Currently listening to his “Rebel’s guide to Joy” series. Can’t wait for the next sermon.


Gearing up for school. Signed up for too many classes. Trying to weed through what I want to keep and what I want to drop.


Bought books. Too much money. Hopefully getting to do volunteer work and get credit for it. Awesome. Need to clean my dorm though.


Working on a 500 piece wolf puzzle. Cuz I am super lame. It’s coming along.


Getting back into blogging.


Glad to be back at school. Glad to be around my friends again. I missed them dearly.


I love my job. Working a whole lot recently.


Working on plans to travel during part of my Spring Break. Excited.


Registered for NEXT 2011. Also exciting.


Missing China so much. I want to travel far away again.


Speaking of travel, I am going to Australia in the Fall. Also really exciting.


I want to get the Iphone. I am going to get the Iphone, rather. I can’t wait.


I found a pair of jeans that actually fit me. Most exciting.


Some changes in my life are not awesome right now. But some really are.


My body sucks. I go to the doctor weekly, it feels. Next up: 2 appts. next week. I still have one I have to schedule, too. I don’t have time for this and it’s mentally frustrating to continually go to doctors all the time, most of which have no answers.


I love my job. I really, really do. More on this later.



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