Work work work work. January 22, 2011

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Just been thinking lately.

There’s more I can do at work. I love my job. I work for a company does childcare after school. I love my kids, I love their families that I get to know, I love my boss and co-workers, etc. I love the school we work at, I love the everything! It’s the best job ever. I am so spoiled that I don’t have to work at some awful job I didn’t want, but only needed, getting paid minimum wage, etc. But I am soo spoiled by this job.


There’s more I can do. I’ve become too relaxed. I’ve let myself become less involved. A parent comment made me think. It’s not that I think I don’t do anything at work and I am a bad employee, just that I think I can do more. I want to glorify the Lord in my work. I want to work harder, more joyously, etc. I want to stop complaining about my life when I’m chatting with people at work. I am saved. A sinner, ill deserving of anything but God’s wrath. But I don’t always act like it at work. I want to be a better employee and better example to the dozens of kids I see, who I know are watching me. I want to have more patience, be more gracious, and love better. All for the glory of God.
Oh, and this goes for all work I do. I work for the company, but I also do another after school childcare side job 2 times a week and babysit for tons of families on the side. So I am committing myself to working harder for the children and to the glory of God.


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