Monday, Monday, Monday. January 31, 2011

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I promised I’d say why today was so great (and it did continue to be pretty good, for a Monday).
So I got to sleep in (totally didn’t go for a run). I woke up, took my time getting ready, had a good cup of coffee and took one “to go.”
I went to the library to meet up with this girl who needed to borrow my anthology of Chinese lit. book since she hadn’t gotten hers yet. I did some work there before she got there. I found out she had just transferred to school so I got to show her around the Honors area and introduce her to some people. I was glad I could befriend her since she’s new and it’s hard to transfer in the middle of the year. I got a little more work done and then left.

From there I went to the Shriver center (where you set up any work things/internships/volunteer work, etc). I had an 11:00am meeting with someone there. I am taking an Honors 390 class which is essentially just 3 hrs of volunteer work a week. I have a few little things I have to do in addition, but it’s not so bad. I got to set up the place I will do the volunteer work. I’m going to Johnnycake Elementary school 3 hours a week for the semester. Should be really fun. I will do reading and math help for the kids. At work I do tons of elementary homework with the kids, especially math and reading, so it should be no problem. Plus, having been homeschooled it’s good experience to see what “real school” is like for a kid. So, I have to work on getting in touch with the people there to set up a time to have my orientation for the placement.

Then I went to the dining hall and got some early lunch and got some more work done. My friends joined me later. I had a good meal (lemon chicken and salad with OJ).

Then it was off to Chinese lit. That was okay. It was…a lot! She gave us a lot of information and we also had a short quiz. I guess I did alright. It was a good class and I learned a lot so that’s always good.

After that I stayed in the library and got homework done for that class. My friend Steve met me there and we hung out/did homework. I also read some Hebrews, too. I didn’t have much time for that, but I got a little reading in.

I had my first sociology of education class tonight. It’s just one time a week from 4:30-7, so it’s not so bad. It’s a TON of reading and a good bit of writing too. 2 papers 4-5 pages, one 10 page paper and a 15 page final. So it’s a good bit of work. But it’s interesting. We watch a lot of movies in the class too. We watched one today and it was so interesting!

Then I rushed to dinner, had a quick sandwich with friends, then it was off to my room to unpack my books and then go to a meeting from 8-9. Now I gotta finish up this blog then I gotta edit my planner, adding in this education class’s work. Then it’s off to bed (there need to be more hours in a day). All in all, it was good.

Oh, and I’m hoping for a delay tomorrow so I don’t have to wake up early. Oh my…


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