Appreciating Silence February 2, 2011

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I have learned to appreciate silence recently. It’s so nice.
Growing up a family of 7 kids, 2 adults and later 3 adults when my grandmother moved in, I didn’t know what silence WAS. Literally, it was not obtainable in my house. I grew up in a rancher and the basement was my dad’s studio where he worked and then the laundry room. So space was limited and we were in tight quarters for most of my life. I talked all the time too, I didn’t know how to shut up (some would argue that I still don’t know how…). But being at school I don’t always have someone to talk to or even anything to say. And if I’m honest, most people probably don’t really care what I have to say (just little things about my day and such). Not that they’re mean or rude, but no one really cares what article I just read in my school and society textbook. It just doesn’t interest them. When I’m in my room I’m often alone. My roommate is here a lot, but we do different things most of the time. We don’t chat a whole lot. All that to say that there really is a substantial amount of time I spend in silence. Even just walking to and from class, I’m quiet. I usually walk alone and I just spend some time thinking or something.
I think silence scares a lot of people. If you notice, most people are walking around texting, talking on the phone, or with earphones in their ears playing music. I’m not sure what it is about being quiet that is uncomfortable, but some people really don’t like it. I’ve learned so much how to appreciate it now! I like it being quiet, sometimes. There are times when the silence is a little too….quiet. But I’m not the person who always has to have music on in my room or anything. I like music when I’m blogging or messing around on facebook or something. Oh, and when I’m getting ready in the morning I have to have music. But it’s not alllll the time that I’m listening to music or that I have to HAVE music playing. When I’m doing homework it’s ALWAYS quiet. Well, I guess that’s true. Sometimes I have classical piano music (Yiruma) playing, but that just helps me focus. Anyway, I appreciate silence a lot more these days. I am glad to know it exists and is possible in some circumstances.


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