A Week in Words February 8, 2011

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This past week… I never did a school/life update. Gonna attempt to keep it brief, but we’ll see.

*opens planner to past week to see what happened*

So it was a busy week.
Started out on Monday (surprise, surprise?) with an interview at the Shriver Center at school. This is like the volunteer/internship place at school. I had a meeting to set up with a lady to figure out how to sign up for a volunteer placement. Basically, when I came to this school and I joined the honor’s college (I know, honors college at an honors university…doesn’t make sense…) and I had 6 semesters and 6 honors classes I needed to take. Well, when I decided to go abroad, I didn’t realize you can’t take honor classes abroad. So, I need to double up one semester. Honor classes are hard, so I’m doing honors 390 (voluneteer service and a 500-1000 word paper, essentially) and Chinese writing (literature, really…). Anyway, to sign up you have to first get a placement. I’ve been trying to do this for a week, but they just got the list of placements on Monday. So they set me up to volunteer once a week for three hours. Anyway, that was fine and the lady was really nice. Oh, and before that I did school in the morning and met a girl in the honors college to let her borrow my book before class because hers didn’t arrive in the mail yet. So it was a long morning. I had my Chinese class after that. Still a little overwhelmed, but it’s not so bad. I like the history part and the Confucius part, just not the poetry. I just don’t get it and have a hard time making connections with the works. Between that class and my next class I hung out with my friend Steve who just transferred to the school and did homework. Then later I had my sociology of education class. That was alright. We talked about a little stuff the went over the syllabus. We watched a movie after that. It was alright. Not too tough of a class, if you stay on top of things.


Tuesday: I had 3 classes. First, social work 389 (human behavior 2) and it was so good. I just love that class. It was pretty basic, but I still loved it. I fall in love with Social Work and feel more convinced I’m supposed to be a Social Worker after every class I have in the subject. Unfortunately I also feel less and less qualified and confident in my ability to be a good, effective social worker with each passing class. Then I was off to my next class, sociology 204, sociology of diversity and pluralism. It was alright. Kinda boring the first day, but not so bad. The class doesn’t seem impossible, which is good news. I know a couple people in the class, which is always fun. I hadn’t gotten the book for the class yet, so it was especially good to know people already so I could borrow theirs. Then right after that I had another class, sociology 352, issues in health care. This class is great. It’s really big and theirs like 20 more people than there are seats in the classroom, which sucks. But anyway, it was alright. I had work and then got right onto homework after that.


Wednesday: I just did homework, had a class, and worked 3-6. I don’t remember much else.


Thursday: I had all of Tuesday’s classes again. I don’t remember anything too exciting that happened. Oh, a kid in my 204 class needs a notetaker, which is awesome cuz I get paid to do that! I did it last semester and it’s just a little extra money a week (7.25 dollars per hour, for 3 hours a week–before taxes). Oh, and I woke up early to preorder my iPhone!! YAY! I went to work after classes then headed to church for undivided (singles monthly large group meeting). That was really good.


Friday: Friday is my no school day, and that was great. I took my friend Erica out to breakfast because her birthday was Sunday but she was going away for the weekend. We brought Kirsten, too. It was a good time of talking and celebrating Erica. I love my friends. I did a little homework then went to work after. After work I met with my friend Kristina who is in my small group. She is trying to get together with the people in the group to get to know them better since the group has expanded so much recently. We had a good dinner, but I felt gross after eating out 2x in a day. That never happens. From there we went to small group which was so good. It was women’s accountability night and we’ve been going through a book called Cross Talk, but we have ALL been really busy lately and haven’t been in contact much. Over e-mail we decided to put the book aside for now and just share life that night. It was amazing, that’s all I’ll say. So glad God placed me in this group. You have no idea how perfectly I fit in this group. I’m growing and learning so much more than I ever have! Love these women. I didn’t get back to school till really late that night, so I just crashed after the long day. Oh, and I went to Student Services and finally got paid for the note taking I did all last semester. I hadn’t been paid a penny yet, even though they sent my W2s.


Saturday: Kirsten and I had brunch together and did homework, I went back to my room and did homework until dinner when Kirst and I had dinner and did homework. Then we took a break to go to the mall so Kirst could get Erica a gift and then I went back to homework till really late.

Sunday was church, which was so good. Then I went home for a bit, threw in some laundry, ate, took a short short nap, did homework with help from 2 shots of espresso. Then I had coffee with another lady, Lisa, from my small group. She wanted to get together to get to know my better too. I told you, these ladies are awesome! After that I went to a friends for the football game and that was fun as always. I got to talk to one of the girls and I just love her. She’s a new Christian but her passion for the Lord and evangelism is just out of this world. I am so inspired every time I talk to her. She’s fun and caring and smart, too. I left about half time to go back home to get my laundry and talk to my dad and stuff like that. There were a ton of people at my house (all the harris family, my family, and 2 other families) and the kids were SO funny. I left when there were about 10 minutes left in the game but listened to the radio on my way back to school. I did homework all night, then crashed.

So, in a nutshell that was my week! I have a few more blog posts in my head, I just need time to put them on paper.


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