I can’t February 28, 2011

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wait for spring break! I’m going to florida to visit cousins. Soo so excited. Let the countdown begin: 24 days? i think so or something around that.

Today was so busy. I had the morning off, as you know. I took a short bike ride then stopped earlier than i planned cuz it looked like it was gonna storm. SO then I went to the library (where my class is) early so i wouldnt walk over in the storm. I hung out with kirsten then went to class. Class was okay but we have SO much work this week. like, crazy. but luckily i got an extension on my presentation. i’ll do it monday instead of wednesday. so that was nice. but i still have so much to do this week now. bye bye free time. this morning i blogged cuz i had so much time. now i blog because i should be doing 50032483 other things. i’m working on my paper for chinese lit right now. crazy hard and this is the easiest of the 3 papers. oh my… but i’m still glad i didnt drop the class (yet, haha). oh, and my bell s palsy is threatening to return again and that sucks. i get stressed trying not to stress so it wont come back. ugh. might have to go to patient first tomorrow after work if its not gone–and i dont really have the time for that. but, i gotta stay healthy. anyway, it’s almost spring break!!


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